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How To: 99-06(07 Classic) Convert DRLs to Parking Lights


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Auburn, Wa
Go from this

To this

Personally, I hate DRLs. I hate them so much that within the first 24 hours I did this mod. This will completely remove your DRLs and convert them to a parking/signal light, exactly like the 88-98 trucks. The same procedure can also be used to convert the signal portion of your taillights to a running and signal light; however for 99-02 Silverados and any Sierra you will only want to do this if you have candied your signals lights red, as amber running lights in the rear are illegal. If you want to candy your signals red, info on that can be found here: http://www.thetruckstop.us/forum/showthread.php?p=221375#post221375


What you need:
- Misc wiring supplies
- Drill
- 2 parking light sockets & bulbs (you can get the sockets off another truck, or get some replacements at the parts store)
- Removal of your existing DRL sockets from the truck

First off, take your headlights and parking lights out of the truck. You'll be looking at this. Left is your DRL socket, right is the parking light.

The DRL socket uses a different keyed base so you can’t put the wrong light in its location. Because of this, we will be taking the existing DRL base and modifying it to accept the internal socket and electrical contacts from the parking light sockets. So, cut off your DRL sockets, and seal the wires up and put them out of the way. Once you have the DRL socket, you'll want to disassemble them. Release the two small tabs of the inner socket; then you will be able to pull it up and out. The wires will now also easily slide out. Do the same thing to the new parking light sockets; you’ll effectively have something similar to this. DRL socket is on the left, parking on the right. Notice the parking lights have an additional third wire, and different base and socket keying.

Now, take the internal socket from the parking lights and essentially file and cut them to match the keying of the old DRL socket. Here you can see the modified version on the left, and the unmodified on the right.

Once your done making the parking light socket fit in the DRL base, take the DRL base and find a drillbit the size of the hole where the wires run in. Drill out the center hole, all the way in between the two inner portions of it. Now take and insert a contact into the center hole and align it where it should be. You will have to clearance a little inside where the contact itself sits, I found running the same drillbit up there worked just fine.

Once you have both bases drilled and the sockets fit in, put them back together.

Now, find a good place to splice into your parking light wires. I found it easiest to cut the parking light off about 4” back. Then run enough wire for the new parking light to reach its place and re-connect to the harness. I suggest soldier and heatshrink.

Now, you no longer have DRLs that burn out all the time, and the entire parking light is lit and functions as a signal.

I would like to give thanks to Brandon (07HDclassic) for being the first guinea pig to receive this mod and Devin (83GMCK2500) for figuring out to disassemble the sockets, as well as taking these pictures when we converted his truck. Originally when I did Brandon’s truck and first did my 02, I just shoved the parking light sockets in the DRL light opening; however they were a PITA to pull apart. Devin did some head scratching and figured this out to convert his truck, and subsequently I re-modified my 02.

Brandon’s 07 Silverado

My 02 (with factory parking lamps)

My 02 (with crystal clear TYC parking lamps)

Devin’s 07 Sierra (with factory parking lamps)
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Auburn, Wa
Thats so bad ass.
I know you've waited QUITE a while to see this How-to (it was beginning of summer IIRC).

I have seen those pictures of my truck in a while. Some of the pics of the yellow truck are old, it still has the 16's on it
Oh yeah, there is definatly a progression of pictures on that truck. Like I said, the DRLs and amber signals were gone within the first 24 hours. I hate those things.


Harley Man
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I did this to one of my trucks today and love it. second truck is tomarrow. wish I would have figured this out this summer when it was worm out.