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Horn won't quit after changing multifunction switch 1995 K2500 Chev 6.5 dsl need help!


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SW Saskatchewan
My 4 way flashers were not working when I bought the truck. 1995 K2500 Ext Cab 6.5L Diesel. Flickers worked fine but no 4 way flashers. It appeared to me the problem was the multifunction switch on the steering column as the 4 way flasher was sticky and no flicking at all when engaged. I pushed it in and out several times and then it become stuck. I managed to get it disengaged so that the flickers once more worked - left and right. I bought a new one and replaced it today. Horn was working fine before I started and was normal and not part of the problem I was trying to fix!

I disconnected battery, air bag, pulled steering wheel and all connections associated with the switch (consists of cruise, intermittent wipers, high low/beam, turn signals, 4 way flasher, transmission select indicator and assume has nothing to do with the horn). I put everything back together and didn't have issues at all with the repair process. Put the airbag back in and followed safety procedures like leaving ignition on when hooking battery back up. The only problem was when I hooked up the battery, the horn was on!

My horn is now stuck on! I don't have 4ways yet either. When I engage the 4 way flasher and step on the brake, the signals (left and right) turn on and remain lit with the brake depressed. So that was a change from before and I need further troubleshooting on that as well. My major concern is why my horn is stuck on? For the moment I have pulled the horn "stick" out so it can't make contact between the ring and the air bag unit - so keeps the horn from engaging There are only 2 wires going to the air bag module. What I am missing? I guess I don't understand how the horn is supposed to engage on this truck and why I can't stop it from blowing.

Anybody seen a problem like this? I did notice a burnt out wire as I was connecting the 2 switch's wiring harness to its plugged in wiring harness connector. I should have took a picture of it it at the time. No idea what took place as it was before I got this truck and I don't know the history. However all the wiring harness associated with my multifunction switch harness to this block are in perfect working order and no burnt connection on their connections. This burned off wire in the connector was not directly connected to the multifunction switch harnesses as it was in the "center section". The multifunction switch has 2 connections which are on the outside edge of this master harness plug. Certainly that removed wire could be related to the 4 ways somehow and I need to further research. I have no wiring diagram. However I want my horn to be back to normal again - first things first as I am not sure what I have wrecked by switching out the multifunction switch to make the horn stuck on. Any help would be appreciated.

As reference I was following the instructions from 1Aauto. I found instruction great to follow and I had issues as it was well explained!

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
It sounds like you pinched the wires on the multi function swithh and they are shorting out.
The two previously damaged wires for the horn- by moving things around, they have now made contact.

The only other thing I can think of is if somehow a couple connections got swapped, but I don’t remember there being any two connectors similar enough to swap.

Definitely need to pull it apart again and examine. Not fun, but since you done it once already this time will be much easier.


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Miles City, Montana
What Will L said.
The horn button functions as a switch that completes the ground circuit, when the ground circuit is completed, a relay switch is then turned on that feeds power to the horn.
You will need to dismantle the column until You find where the pinched wire is.
And then a possible repair to the previousely discovered burnt wires/connectors.