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GM Powertrain Warranties Just Lost 40k Miles

Mad Maxx

See, what had happened was...
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Long Island, NY
I owned an avalanche, a 2001 model. I will agree, they are not for everyone. I married into mine. She traded it in within three years of ownership with over 100K on the clock. Never had any issues. It was a nice freeway trip vehicle. I never cared for how there was no place to store the hard bed cover. I liked the cooler in the bed with its own drain. Kept beer cold and locked up nicely. Heck, all they were was a suburban with a open bed.

The best part of the aztec is breaking bad.
Yea, that part was bad with the hard covers. They should integrated something into the Floor of the Bed to store them. It was nice how the Rear Glass would Clip into the Midgate for storage.