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Flex Plate Shims & Torque Specs?

Hey guys. So the other week the truck had an awful grinding noise & then it just didn't want to start. Determined it to be a combination of the starter gear teeth & flex plate teeth rounding off. So I set off to fix it. After smashing my hand & visiting the hospital, I was finally able to remove the flexplate. What I found underneath it is what this post is all about.

I found a shim. Now, from what I've read, these motors do not get shimmed? At least the starters don't? It doesn't appear to be solely a 6.5 shim. Looks like it's a universal one type fits all sorta thing. Looks like this isn't the first flexplate to be replaced on this motor. I could be totally wrong though. So if anyone knows whether I should keep the shim there or not, I'm all ears.

Secondly, the starter does not have the rear (if looking from driver's perspective, this would be the fwd) bracket. So I will have to get that. Also looking at replacing the starter as I'd really rather not have to replace the flexplate again. Here's to hoping that the starter bolts don't break! Or that the block isn't cracked!!

Finally, does anyone have flex plate, starter, & trans to engine torque specs? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!