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Failed flash pass through code $0101


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read my ecm and stored stock file. I then edited this file and made it my new tune file. I hooked up obII to v3, v3 to laptop and used pass thru method.
I tested all connections, usb , laptop, obII
All was good, pulled fuses etc, made sure it was licensed etc etc.
hit full scan and gave error code $0101

The only thing I can think of is that I did not put the new tune file on my flashscan v3 . I just opened the file in v8 software .
Does the new tune file need to be uploaded onto the V3 if I am only doing pass through flash?
Thank you
Functionally, if you are doing a cal flash, there is no difference. Consider yourself lucky though. If you decide to tempt fate again, one thing to do is be sure that the battery bus is over 12V while you are flashing. If you have accessories, original or aftermarket that turn on when flashing, your bus voltage may be drawing down.
I read up a lot before I flashed for the first time. My truck is an Lbz . I did remove all related fuses, made sure I had correct voltage at the obII, and I had my batteries charged up over 13v. I did usb, laptop, obII test and all three were connected. Thanks again I have nothing aftermarket at all as far as electronics, etc
I have not figured it out. I refashed unedited stock tune back into truck and after failing 3 times it finally took. I’m starting to think there is an error in the handheld flashscan unit. Maybe soldering issues /:
My main OS was erased after my initial try of using the flashscan v3 as a pass-through device with my laptop. I just kept getting the &0101 error. I read a few things about usb 3.0 ports not working with efi live so I tried a non USB 3.0 port on the same laptop but I still got the error. Then I tried using V8 explorer to copy the tune directly to the flashscan and i was still getting the error so i knew it had something to do with my usb ports.

I was able to copy the stock tune directly to the flashscan using my desktop without any problem. When I tried to flash straight from the flashscan to the truck I got error $0502. I figured out that it was trying to flash my TCM because the ECM OS had been erased.

I pulled out an old laptop built in 2011 with windows 7 and fired it up. I downloaded the V8 software and tested the usb connections by copying a few tunes straight to the flashscan and it worked without any issues. My laptop battery won't hold a charge so I hooked it up to an extension cord from a house outlet and used the flashscan as a pass-through device with the V8 software on the laptop. I had to manually select the E35A ecm option because the OS was erased. The flash took about 12 minutes and worked perfectly.

Now that my ecm has an OS and is back to normal I could probably load tunes straight from the flashscan, but I like the added visuals of the efi live software. A new battery for my old laptop is $20 so I will just go that route and have it as my dedicated efi live computer.