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Exhaust wrap using pumice impregnated wrap


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Nature Coast
Will L asked for some more info on this wrap so here we go!

Exhaust wrap made with pumice has a working temp of 1.8k F allowing for short trips to 2.5k F the pumice is like gazillions of micro balloons within the wrap which adds to thermal rejection factor.

I do not suggest wrapping any exhaust pipes that are not ceramic coated inside & out because the pipe will fail cracking in every direction from the high temps encountered with high EGT's or high rpm operation in N/A race applications however; some people just get lucky and it never happens to them.

All header wrap is good but the pumice or lave rock impregnated type excels in performance coatings during wrapping can be high temp resins or spray on silicone I use the spray which requires a few hours @ 400 degrees F to cure resin or silicone adds a layer of extra protection from the elements and road debris.

I also wet the wrap in distilled water because I can get it to pull tighter that way but you younger guys can do it dry, two or three full wraps will give a heat barrier that will only be warm to the touch of the pipes.

Some images to follow.