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Does anybody here know old John Deere 4010 deisel tractors?

Rural Clifton, Illinois
I have a 1963 John Deere 4010 diesel wide front 24 volt.

It was/is making a hydraulic noise. We pretty much have it narrowed down to the front pump. The couplers looked good.

The front hydraulic pump seems upside down. It would have been running this way a long time

I was going to try changing the small screen in the front hydraulic pump just to see what it looked like.

My pump seems upside down from the pump in the picture. I pulled what I thought was plug #21 - from the bottom. It was beside #6 . The plug that I did not take out - I assume was #6 because it had the roll pin for T sticking down.

It looks to me like Plug number 9 was on the bottom, When I pulled the plug #11 fell out. I did not see anything else come out. I put it back together.

It there anything else that may have fallen out that I may have missed? I could stick my finger up the hole and feel some rubber. I am guessing #12.

If #34 is towards the rear of the tractor & #9 is on the bottom left side, It would seem to be upside down. I am assuming this would make it very difficult to change the screen - #17.

Or am I sorely mistaken?

Rural Clifton, Illinois
Intake hose coupling John Deere Pt# R26299 1963 4010 diesel wide front 24 volt dealer said new part number is R62892

top pipe measures 2 3/4" O.D., bottom pipe measures about 3" O.D. the coupling is about 2 5/8" long total The measurements would also be the rubber coupling I.D. measurements - Just to be clear

Is there a good place to buy a new one or a good used one?

Not sure on this one. It may be priced right, but sometimes aftermarket parts aren't worth buying. I'd hate to have it break and suck dirt. Any opinions would be much appreciated

Replaces number R62892

Dim A (1) A - 2.750" ID
Dim B (2) B - 3.032" ID

Fits: Tractors: 8630 (HOSE BETWEEN RADIATOR / PIPE)
8640 (2ND TOP HOSE, AFTER PIPE), 8760
Total Price: $10.31


Dealer price is $22.93 Is that a little high?

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