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DIY BD1 Programming - Burn your own chips!

Here it is ;)

View attachment BXPY.zip

I'm unsure if it's good or not, there's something funny about GMTDScan Tech

Reading memory...
Retry 1, 0x1A00
Retry 1, 0x88C0
Retry 2, 0x88C0
Retry 3, 0x88C0
Retry 4, 0x88C0
Retry 5, 0x88C0
Invalid checksum encountered when getting block 0x88C0. Dump corrupted!
Retry 1, 0x9F40
Retry 2, 0x9F40
Retry 3, 0x9F40
Retry 4, 0x9F40
Retry 5, 0x9F40
Invalid checksum encountered when getting block 0x9F40. Dump corrupted!​
my stock eprom is BRMM 16227152
nobody are able to tell me the best definition file i need for it???
$EC or later $ECA - $ECB - $ECC - $ECD
i tried to download free but now all the file are disappeared
the only site i found was Wester Garage but it sell them
and when i ask them "the best" for my application, they reply me with $ECS
that now i know for sure is not for turbo and 4L80E, crazy people......
ask if somebody can send me one for evaluation before buy it
Thank You Very Much for your reply


How's everyone making out on this? Very educating thread, thanks to all for the financial and time investment that they've made so that others could get an education. Looks to me like you folks had some pretty awesome projects going.

I'm specifically interested in the BPAA .BIN file - does anyone know if I'll be able to run this on a K3500 "F" VIN with an automatic transmission and a 5521 injection pump? My EPROM is BJAX and something isn't playing well because it doesn't run correctly. I'm setting up to burn chips but am not there yet, but if someone in the know can save me some guess-and-check I'd be most grateful. If some of you are following some of the other threads that I posted in searching for a solution to this problem, please pardon me for cluttering you inbox.

Hey everyone. Burned a BPAA chip some time ago and plugged it in - works great!

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Hello Guys. Just registered on this site and wanted to ask .bin file with denitinely working BPAC or BXPY. I have sub`95 6.5 with some issues related to EPROM. Truck has originally BPAC EPROM. Just wanted to try to burn new chip with proven file and check how it works.
I would even buy that chip with BPAC or PBXY but I see lack of offers. Even ebay does not have ones I am looking for. It looks like this stuff is not popular for selling any more.
Any inputs are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

PS sorry for posting in this old thread...
Welcome to The Truck Stop @ang01101979, I may have one or both in my collection but will have to look later this afternoon once I get off work. I would assume you have all the devices needed to read and burn one?

Thanks. Yeap. Friend of mine had some experience with Chevy Caprice PCM)). So it looks like we have everything in place. Chips itself are missed now but as far as I see we may easy order them
Thanks once again.
@ang01101979 Just make sure the ECM itself is good and is not the cause of your "chip issues". Did you do a trouble code read with the SES light? If the dreaded 52 Code appeared, it's a bad ECM, not chip necessarily, causing running issues.

Thanks for inputs.
To be honest we already checked ECM. Just recently we have got spare one w/o chip. So we start the engine with this spare ECM and with my original EEPROM. Engine has the same strange behavior. Actually issue is following: engine part of ECM measures/shows wrong engine temperature but transmission part of ECM measures/shows proper temperature. Of course we connected scanner (SnapOn) and were able to read data from ECM. So we expect the root of issue is EEPROM.
Assuming you checked out the sending unit?
yeap. First of all we started from temperature sensor. We even have a new one for tests)). Later on we moved to wirings and came to ECM.
One more strange thing is Sububran works quite well (a bit overfueling of course) w/o any Check Engine flashes with disconnected sensing unit (disconnected from the socket of ECM). At least with disconnected temperature sensor ECM should measure -39C but we see only -22C. If Air temperature is close to 0C and engine is cold (after parking over the night) ECM shows +55C.
Probably suburban dreams about vacation with warmer enviroment than we have here but due to Covid borders are closed so we have to convince him to measure real values. ;)
is yours a vin F (no egr) and 4L80E tranny? I have the last update GM put out for 95 I think it was BXPY iirc but I will have to look in my collection to make sure. this is what I'm running on my truck along with a few tweaks to boost pressure and fueling. I know I have it in my list in a stock form I received courtesy of Lyndon Wester.
You are right. F and 4L80E, 4 wheel drive. I would really appreciate if you share this stock BXPY.bin with me. Thanks in advance.