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Battery tray

That would be the battery tray I am looking for also. If anybody sees one for sale let me know.

Does anybody have a part number to search?

Was anything very similar used in gassers?

I don't need a side mounting tab. Or bottom mounts either. I can make those.

All I need is the tray that takes the rubber hold down. I think I saw a rubber a few days ago.
And You need one from a 88 to 95 year ? And left side ?
I will call the auto salvage yard here. I know they used to have a couple of 6.5 diesel trucks. They might still have a LS batt tray.
I hope it is not over $20.00 to mail it.
Do You have a preference ?
I know when I mailed four paintings to Alaska, USPS was a LOT cheaper than UPS and FedEX.
That was $125.00 and UPS was a hundred over that and Fed EX was more than UPS.
I called the North Side Auto Dismantlers this morning. Was going to tell them that I wanted that battery tray.
Got their answering muscheeeen. It said that they are open, get this, Tuesday through Friday. 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Guess I’ll take another run at it tomorrow. 😵‍💫🤷‍♂️😹😹😹😹
Got it boxed up and ready to mail.
Need to install the address. I forgot to throw the receipt in the box. I’ll put it in an envelope and tape it onto the box. Thats where the address will be.


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I sent payment. If it is not enough. Let me know.. I would not purposefully short you. I sent $60. I could not find the friends and family thing so I paid the charges that I have used before. I am exhausted. If I made a mistake. It was not intentional.

Thank You