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4L60e transmission wiring for carbureted engine.


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Anyone help me out please. Replacement carbureted fastburn 385 replacing my 200k tbi engine soon. Getting antsy, but need to figure out the transmission situation before we start. 4l60e , 3.42 gears, want to be able to drive it longer distances. Please help me out guys.
Basically if your are keeping the 4l60e you will need a stand alone trans controller. EZ-TCI is about the easiest almost plug in play unit. there will be some wiring to be done, but the instructions are in plain English. I have one on my 93 running a 4l80e, I didn't install it but I did relocate it and clean up some of the wiring. but the cost is not for everyone. your looking right at $1k for the kit. look into what it will cost you to get a working 700r4 trans. compare costs and headaches if planning on doing the work your self. swapping in a fully mechanical trans is much less of a headache than wiring up an aftermarket trans controller. the only part you will need a shop for is if you have to get the driveshaft shortened or lengthened.

Heck if your 4l60e is in good shape, it's possible you might be able to score a trade somewhere.
Here is the site for the controller. I have the older one (part # 302820) but I would suggest the newer one (# 303820) for $120 more you can do custom shift points and more.

there are other manufactures who make trans controllers. I would stay away from the manual shift ones. for any of these controllers there are some things you will need since you are running a carb. you will need a throttle position sensor. TCI makes one that is a remote style with a cable that attaches to the carb the same way as the old TV cable did for older transmissions. other things you need will be a way to get a clean RPM signal to the controller. this can be done through the negative side of the coil but you will need a tach adapter like this one in the link below so no to fry the controller. on getting your speedo to work properly, you might need to use the output from the TCU. for mine, I was still able to use the factory wiring but my truck is a 93 (OBD1). if yours is OBD2, you might need to venture out to the salvage yard for a DRAC/VSSB from an older 94-95 truck.