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Other 2009 Audi a3 2.0T Wagon 4D, 128k miles, incl 4x Blizzak WS70 tires Columbus, OH 43228


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To replace our parts getter / shop hooptie (manufacturing, not a dealership or car lot or anything car related) we needed something safe that would get our intern from overseas to and from work after he blew up our trusted equinox.
An acquaintance of mine was selling this Audi after he had bought it at auction to use as round town commuter car and fixed a bunch of things but never really needed it. So we purchased it in Feb 2024, however the intern has left and i am too big to wear this like a sweater every day ;-)

The car runs and drives, AC blows cold, cruise control (only when CEL is not on), brakes, steering - everything works as it should. Been personally driving the car without problems around town on errands and as far as Newark, OH a few times the last few weeks without issues.

Asking $3000

Since 5-2023:
New timing chains and tensioner (have receipt, Dec 22nd, 2023, $1752.52)
New plugs and coils New intake
New egr New crank sensor
New cam magnet
New cam oil actuator
New cam sensor
New tail lights
New hood strut
New axle.
However it is NOT perfect.

It does seem that the car has NEVER been smoked in though. people joke that i could smell if someone smoked in a car in 1978 with a window open and i pride myself on that statement. I would not be driving it around if i suspected it had been.

5-6-2024 update : been driving the car and borrowed an OBD Scanner to diagnose why the CEL keeps coming on. Every time i erased codes the two codes that pop back up after about an hour or two are P2270 Intake Air System Leak and P0016 Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A, along with random cylinder misfire codes...

For full disclosure and 100% transparency :
- missing the rear view mirror
- small oil leak
- CEL is sometimes on (see update above)
- EPC is sometimes on
- right dipped headlight warning is sometimes on (notorious older Audi issue, tons of DIY write ups)
- driver rear window button does not work and window sometime slides down a bit, easily pushed up again by hand (we are talking about 1/8")
- passenger seat back cover coming off (typical Audi issue, tons of DIY write ups)

The CARFAX shows no accidents and impeccable service history for the first 2 owners at Audi Hoffman Estates in IL where it was sold as CPO vehicle in 9-2012. Owner number 3 bought it there and from then until 11-2018 it was maintained at Byers until about 100k miles. For some reason it then passed through a few dealers and auctions and was maintained at smaller shops before we got it in February of this year.

If interested i will naturally share the CARFAX report.

so who would be best suited for this vehicle ?
- adult mature buyer that knows his way around cars and just needs an around town commuter car
- VAG mechanic wanting to make some money or fix it for himself
- father of a rebellious teenager that wants to make sure that he does not hotrod the vehicle he hands his kid because it will for sure have consequences (you break it you are out of luck) but still has the safety of a German engineered automobile if something does happen







comes with a set of Blizzaks WS70 - two are damaged but i would drive the snot out of them. added pics to google photo album.