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Recent content by jrsavoie

  1. J

    What oil do you recommend?

    Kind of related. The 6.5 is the boat anchor
  2. J

    Best air filter set up on 6.5

    There's a very good possibility of being given the wrong parts. Happens often. Check The Oem part numbers and cross reference the numbers
  3. J

    Front window guides 1998 Ford F150

    I installed a new drivers side front window regulator on my grandsons ride. The window binds going up and down. It looks like the runners inside the door are bent or something. The window comes out in places on the front guide. If I take the bottom bolt out of the rear guide it move the...
  4. J

    School me on fifth wheel campers

    I meant the walls were set on the finished flooring. Carpet and linoleum. They built the deck. Put the flooring down, then did everything else.
  5. J

    School me on fifth wheel campers

    The campers I worked had the walls set on top of the flooring. Always got a kick out of that
  6. J

    Best air filter set up on 6.5

    Oil it up. That seems to have bought us a lot of time and miles in the rust belt
  7. J

    School me on fifth wheel campers

    I had a leak on the gray tank. What a battle
  8. J

    Best air filter set up on 6.5

    Stainless self tappers in the rust belt
  9. J

    School me on fifth wheel campers

    We had a 34' 1978 Dodge Concord motorhome with winter package. It was spraynfoamed 1-1/2" on the walls, ceiling and all over the bottom - after thentanks were installed. Made it a pain to do anything, but it was much more a propqne miser than the 26 ft bumper pull we had
  10. J

    Rare 96 crossover

    I probably have one on the 1996 Suburban sitting in the yard all locked up from lackaoil
  11. J

    14 bolt drum brake tools

    He had the saw blades to sharpen. He was an awesome shot. He used to market hunt west of town before they drained the swamp. He had a statue of Liberty in his basement that he shot free hand with a .22 . It was about 2 ft tall. Had the same thing happen to a battery charger, I took to a...
  12. J

    14 bolt drum brake tools

    That's what estate auctions are for. I have several tools from auctions. I even bought my own saw blades back at. An auction. I knew they were mine, because they had my name on them. And there was some butthead bidding against me. Never saw who it was.
  13. J

    14 bolt drum brake tools

    I was surprised at what the spring tool costs these days. Mine is about 40 years old or older. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Snapon+131A&ia=web
  14. J

    Suburban Shoe Size

    I think the wider shoes work better. 12EEEE OR 11-1/2 EEEEE
  15. J

    New member

    Welcome. My Grandmother was a Wallace.