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GM Guy

Originally from Idaho, in KS since 1995, went to college for some business, back at home working on the family farm.
August 7
NW Kansas and SC Idaho
Farm Related


Business Fleet:
06 Chevy C3500 6.6L D-Max ZF6 6 speed manual, 3.73, 154K, E:White I:Black Reg. Cab 11 ft. flatbed chassis cab. decent shape rig, will be doing a few little maintenance upgrades, but otherwise leaving stock.
95 GMC K2500HD 6.5TD NV4500 4.10 437K E:Silver/ Blue I:Gray ECLB, good shape with no blowby LD Stuff: T-stat, LP Harness. Full PMD relocation kit.
95 GMC C2500HD 6.5TD NV4500 4.10 148K E:White, I:Gray RC Fact. box-off PU (now has B&W and pickup bed, formerly known as the White Trash Express), growling trans, strong runner but blowby rich. LD Stuff: T-stat, LP harness, Diamond Eye (last 2 not installed)
95 Chev C3500HD 6.5TD NV4500 5.13 206K E:White, I:Tan RC 135.5" WB Chassis Cab w/ utility bed w/ manlift needs HB and TLC.
98 GMC K2500HD 6.5TD 4L80E (the only one allowed to live...) 4.10s 220K E: White I: Gray RCLB flatbed. bought for 500 bucks with a bunch wrong with it, steadily fixing up to serve as beater wagon. To go where no 5 speed is allowed to go due to abuse levels. :)
01 Chev K3500 6.6L D-Max Allison 3.73s 230K? E:White I:tan CCLB pickup, needs door hinges, turbo coolant lines, fuel filter housing, and hopefully just a ATF change and a NSBU, but might need a trans. needs rear driveline.
93 Chev K2500HD 6.5TD NV4500 4.10 269K E:White/Red, I:Red ECLB Pickup needs engine, bought @ 238K, died at 269K LD Stuff: T-stat, LP harness
94 Chev C2500HD 6.5TD NV4500 4.10 290K Gold Ext. Tan Int. ECLB pickup. needs engine.
93 GMC C3500HD 6.5TD NV4500 E: White I: Gray 183.5" chassis cab needs engine and transmission and a prayer. :)
Personal Fleet:
91 GMC C1500 6.2NA SM465 3.42 70K E:Red, I:Red RCLB Pickup needs injectors.
91 Chev C1500 4.3L 5LM60 3.42 ??K E:White, I:Red RCLB Pickup needs clutch and rear end rebuild.
94 Chevy C1500 6.5TD 4L80E 3.08 28xK E:Maroon, I:Red, needs engine.
95 Chev C3500HD 6.5TD NV4500 5.13 132K E:White, I:Grey, RC 159.5"WB DRW Chassis Cab with flatbed bad heads, needs engine
94 GMC C2500HD 6.5TD 4L80E 3.73 300K E:White, I:Blue, Suburban, needs engine

Proud Member: #144 of DTR.com; #19 Brotherhood of Handshakers; #35 3500 Dually Club; #4 Flatbed Club; #10 Spark Plug Club
Parent's: 99 Chev C3500 6.5TD NV4500 4.10 130K E:White, I:Gray RC 159.5"WB DRW Chassis Cab w/ utility bed. needs injectors. LD Stuff: Fluidampr, PMD kit
92 GMC C3500HD 6.5L NV4500 160K RC 11ft bed chassis cab needs bellhousing ; 93 GMC C3500HD 6.5L 4L80E 260K RC 11ft bed chassis cab 98 Chev K2500HD 6.5L 4L80E 280K ECSB ; 96 Chevy C3500 6.5L 4L80E 78K RCLB DRW, 8ft flatbed. 92 Chevy C3500 5.7L NV4500 169K RCLB DRW 8ft flatbed. 96 C2500HD and K2500HD, both ECLB 6.5L 5spds, C needs engine, K needs transmission.



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