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Recent content by 3500GMC

  1. 3500GMC

    Gone to work today.

    No sweat. Lookin good Mike.
  2. 3500GMC

    Rear axle seal replacement

    My SRW '93 is a JB8 13X3.5 drum that is an outboard setup. Drums weigh like 60 pounds a piece. They're sensitive to cheap shoes I find.
  3. 3500GMC

    Rear axle seal replacement

    While your at it check for a groove cut into the axle tube by the old seal. There is a fix for this if you choose to get a repair sleeve. Pretty easy install. A link to a thread that outlines this repair: https://www.thetruckstop.us/forum/threads/14-bolt-full-float-rear-axle-repair-sleeves.32137/
  4. 3500GMC

    Goodbye California Bi-Annual Smog Checks

    Nice. Goodbye Commiefornia.
  5. 3500GMC


    Maybe a 12x20.. Free standing. All steel. Would like it to be fully enclosed with 'some kinda' door for an average vehicle. (9x7 feet) Something not permanent. Tractor Supply sells one for around a Grand but it's just a roof, open all the way around. Trying to get some ideas. This will be...
  6. 3500GMC

    GM Announces Major Plant Changes

    In the U.S. driving an automobile is a *privilege* NOT a *right*... Many lose perspective of this fact. If people want to drive microwave ovens with wheels and TV's on Evey seat, automakers will make 'em. (SUV's) Gotta keep up with the Jones' ya know..:rolleyes:
  7. 3500GMC

    My Shop

    Gratifying saving the old iron. Well done, and those lathe turned threads, nice
  8. 3500GMC

    Time for some rust repair on the Tahoe.

    Enjoying your projects man. Share those skills, great to see.
  9. 3500GMC

    4l60e have reverse and now no forward gears.

    Inside the input drum under the 3&4 clutch
  10. 3500GMC

    where do these wires go?

    Just zip tie em up out of the way. All those wires are for is the torque converter lockup function.
  11. 3500GMC

    4l60e have reverse and now no forward gears.

    Check fluid level and condition, is it dark red/black and smell burnt? Forward clutch is likely fried. A fluid and filter change would not help you at this point. The forward clutch is something replaced on a complete rebuild. Especially on a high mile unit which yours is, probably..
  12. 3500GMC

    Never trust a crate motor

    Wow. What a hack job they/somebody is doing. Never trust a crate motor is right.
  13. 3500GMC

    Never trust a crate motor

    A standard size half mixed with a 26 thousandths under for the other half? For one rod? Jeez what a mess.
  14. 3500GMC

    2002 Yukon front differential failure.

    *Mechanics* is a generous term in most shops. More like *Parts Changers*
  15. 3500GMC

    Pre combustion chamber design research

    "The long injectors will not clear the stock 6.5 turbo manifold. But that's fine with me." Wasn't fine with me, that's why I made it work. Even with using wider angle 6.2 heads.;)