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replace a dash button 243C transfer case with a 1989 241 floor shift unit


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My mechanic believes we can replace the troublesome 1996 6.5 turbodiesel push button transfer case that acts up and no 4 wheel high (even with new push buttons) with a 1989 241C with positive floor shifting. He wonders if the 2 output shaft yokes are adaptable. He says the rear drive shaft looks comparable - just the concern about the 2 yokes. Has anyone made this swap? He has temporary bypassed the transfer case so it won't get funny and electronically try to shift itself so it's just a reliable 2 wheel high (which it may have to be henceforth). Please comment. Harland
I've never made the swap but have pulled a few 241Cs before, big fan of the manual floor shift.

I can't speak to whether one from 1989 will work in a 1996, mechanically and electronically speaking as I don't know if the sensors for speedo on the rear and t-case engagement on the front are the same or not.

If both are GM units I would imagine that the rear output shaft and yoke would fit right up. You could test this by just unbolting the rear driveshaft, pulling the shaft and yoke and see if it mates with the 241C

if the front yokes are different it wouldn't be hard to get the proper one. Torque King 4x4 is a great source for many driveline components and their phone support staff is top notch
I rebuilt a 241-C from a ‘95 K2500 Suburban to go into a ‘94 K2500 Suburban. Same transfer case but the 4wd shaft and the connection to the front drive shaft are different. I simply got a drive shaft out of a ‘96 in a pick a part yard for $80. Good to go.



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