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Honda GX270 stalls when fuel is advanced

Big T

Well-Known Member
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Fullerton, CA
Bought a used Stone Tamper plate compactor with 9 hp Honda GX 270 engine. Got it started but it dies when I turn the choke off and/or when I advance the gas to accelerate. Was told that is a sign of a clogged main jet in the carburetor. I don’t know how long this has been sitting as it was purchased at an estate auction.
Have you looked inside the tank? There's a screen on the fuel outlet. Otherwise carb. Can you make it run better using more choke?
I looked inside the tank, noted there was barely any fuel and added some. Have not checked the screen.

I then got it to start on full choke, but backing off the choke it dies. Any combination of choke and acceleration, it dies.