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Help needed and appreciated


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Long story short I should have done more research before taking my truck to who I thought was a reputable mechanic, had 4.56 gears, locker etc added for my 37” tires. Tuning etc . Not happy/:
So I bought a flash scan v3 and want to do some tuning , bought starlite book etc.
I am looking for a stock file for a 2006 gmc 2500hd crew cab short bed 6.6 4x4 LBZ
Any one? Thank you 🙏


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Elmira ny
I'd say get ahold of Chris at @Twisted Steel Performance . He's one of our sponsors and I'd say one of the best..sorry nobody answered your thread sooner.. not sure how we overlooked it..
And by the way, welcome to TTS... I'm sure other guys will chime in to welcome you and give there advice...we're glad you joined! And again sorry we didn't see your post sooner. Now that I've responded it should go to the top of the page so guys will see it


She ain't revved 'til the rods are thrown...
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Upstate NY
I personally can't help with anything computer related, and I think Chris is also someone who avoids the computer side of things.

Have you looked through the tuning library on here? As far as I know there's lots of stock files. This site is mainly 6.2/ 6.5 dinosaur guys, so not many will be versed in the tuning realm. A duramax- specific forum may field better results.

The folks who actually are familiar with and can speak the tuning language are @Rockabillyrat and @THEFERMANATOR . I've tagged them both so they will see this. If you're just looking for a stock file, then people may be more likely to help. However with EPA cracking down on tuners doing deletes and whatnot (coal rolling a$$hats ruined it for everyone) not many are willing to openly discuss anything that relates to tuning especially around emissions systems.

So tread carefully, do some digging around the site, and welcome. Fill out your sig, what your use/ plans are for the truck, and maybe you'll learn some things and get your truck to where you want it to be


SlIgHtLy StUpId.
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Should be stock files still available on some of the other duramax pages. The LBZ is a really easy one to tune. Plenty of videos and good write ups out there for simple tunes. Deleting emissions is obviously illegal... but the pre DPF trucks aren't the EPAs biggest concern so I wouldn't worry too much.

If you can't find a stock file, a good mechanic can reflash the truck back to stock with a j2534 pass though. Then you could save that and use it as your stock file. But that will cost you money.

Don't get carried away with adjusting too much at one time. It's easy to get carried away and start breaking things if your trying to make a bunch of power.