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Cub 154 lowbboy.


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Elmira ny
Well I had to have it. A couple I have been doing some home repairs for had this tractor sitting under a tarp. And asked if I knew anyone that would be interested in it . I asked how much they wanted for it just out of curiosity (not that I actually have a lot to spend) but doesn't hurt to ask.. they said that if I personally wanted it they would let me work it off cuz they have a handful of little projects they want done and minor repair stuff around the house.. told them to make a list of what all they would want done so I could make a decision.. after seeing the list I could say yes fast enough.. probably take me 2 days to do it all. Easy stuff, but at there age they just don't have the strength or energy anymore to do it all themselves..
I'm posting this pic that I found on Google.. it's the exact same tractor. Although the one I got isn't in as good of shape (yet) but it runs fine. It's a Cub Cadet 154 low boy. Comes with more deck and snow plow. From what I've found online there's tons of different attachments I can get .
I'm bringing it home tomorrow so I'll post actual pics of it then..
Just curious if any of y'all know anything about them or have any experience with them.or advice..
@dbrannon79 yeah it has PTO and 3 point hitch. That was my thought is if nothing else it can make money.. I've felt a tiller for it on Craigslist already. 200$.. the guy said he's had it for sale for a while and no takers so hope I can come up with the money before anyone else does.. it's spring, people will be getting gardens ready soon
@dbrannon79 unfortunately no. It's gas. From what I've read all there tractors have a IH c60 engine. There 14 horse power.. evidently there not as powerful as they COULD be but still decent power.. probably a pain to get parts for when needed but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. It's been sitting for a few yrs so I expect to have to do some tinkering with it. But I figured for 2days of labor doing easy work it's worth it. Especially since I didn't have anything to do the next couple days anyhow.
The engines from that era seem to have been rated at less HP than newer engines with what seems to be the same power.

I put an old Wisconsin engine off a widow maker weed chopper on my son's go cart.

It was only rated at something like 3 hp.
I could floor it and do donuts in the gravel
When I was little, dad had a cub mower and my uncle put it in gear for me to let me drive it around the yard. I pulled up to the shop to get off when I was done, thinking the clutch pedal I had been riding the whole time was the gas pedal, so naturally, I let off of it when it was time to stop. Surprisingly enough to me at a very young age, it didn't stop it and I ran square into the door jamb of the walk-in door with that big cast grill on the front just like yours. The tractor was completely unhurt and the jamb ended up with a couple compression dents in it.

That was the day I learned what a clutch pedal was for.
Like I said she ain't as pretty as the other one, but paint and sand paper are cheap.. gonna have the replace the front tires eventually, they hold air but are weather checked. ..gonna find these what fluids she's supposed to have and replace them all as money allows.
All in all I think I'll be happy with it
For the front tires, get this:

Easy to apply, just follow the directions.

A tire shop turned me on to Slime. Great stuff for pushing the lives of low speed / low weight bearing tires.
That green slime works but will rot the inside of the rims out over time. if the tires aren't too terrible, get you a set of tubes for them that has the slime in them.

another thought is depending on the rim size, look for something like ATV tires that have the heavier thick tread on them so when out in a mesquite patch you won't get too many flats! Them mesquite thorns are like nails!!
mesquite trees when they are small saplings they can have some hellacious thorns on them. the trees start out kinda like a bush and later grow into some massive trees. perfect wood for bbq but wreck havoc on lawn tires LOL

here's a photo of a tree surrounded by mesquite brush.

@jrsavoie until I saw your post I didn't know such a group existed, but that's a great idea!!
Honestly, she's doing so/so...her mental health basically sits on a fine line between "I'm okay" and "I can't stand living this life anymore".. her meds work really good at controlling the schizophrenia, but only if her day to day life stays calm and non stressful.. having a 3yr old terrorizing the house doesn't help with that...to be honest it makes it really hard to hold a regular 9-5 job cuz you never know when her mind is going to take a downward spin and she needs me home pronto... Really doesn't help that she can't see a psych doc or counselor cuz when she was seeing them every time she had a appointment when she was having a bad day they would try to commit her to psych center..
It is what it is..I do really appreciate you asking about her. And I'll be sure to tell her that you asked of her.
FINALLY got her home today.. we played hell getting it out to the road .. my buddy brought his big 4x4 and towed it out for me. Then we decided what the hell we already got a chain on it let's just tow it to the house.. got some strange looks but it went well.. were supposed to get hit with a massive storm and figured better do it before the ground gets to soaked to drive on for a month..lol .
Aired up the front tires to get it home.. They both kinda hold air, but i dont think that slime is going to help.. there dry rotted all to hell.. so I gotta find a reasonable place to get some.. there 20x8-10 tires. Found them on line easy but want to make sure I get decent ones at a decent price so looking around.. once the storm passes I'll start tinkering with it.. I'm sure with it being gas and sitting for a few years the carb is probably gummed up . Anyone know which additive work good for this?
If it was winterized you might get lucky and the carb was drained. adding some fresh fuel and it just runs....

BTW what year was this one? for whatever reason the thought came to me about possibly needing to keep some lead additive in the fuel so not to burn valves. a lot of older cars and trucks needed this after the tree huggers outlawed leaded fuels.