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Bleeding '84 (Blazer) 6.2 Fuel System


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San Diego county
I ran my '84 Blazer 6.2 out of fuel. I will replace the fuel filter before doing this.
Is there an easy way to bleed the system after filter change???
I have the Helms book, have not looked yet. (been years since last change).
Since retirement, I drive it prolly about 1,000 mi yearly, same my MB diesel.

Any easier way than the book??

Turns out I didnt run out of fuel.
I Thought that before the replacing filter, I would figger out why it got air in it.
In the procedure, (was much easier than expected!) cranking for about 5-6 seconds, I got plenty of fuel, (maybe one cup). closed bleed valve, sucker started right up!

Now I am wondering how air got into the filter?? (then I'll change filters!)

Been driving the blazer, but every time before shutting it off, I wonder(ed) if It would start again!

On an '84 6.2 Suburban 20 yrs ago, Same thing, I replaced the whole filter BASE unit to solve the issue.
I would sample the engine oil looking for diesel in the oil in case the fuel pump diaphragm is leaking.

IMO It's simply sitting too long without running. Air leaks you won't ever find due to how slow they are leaking is likely your cause. Now if it's an overnight air in fuel system then you should look into it.