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What gives you the impression the green top batteries are of lesser quality?

If you have a C-Tek, you could run through a regen. I had what I believe may have been a sulphated battery when it wouldn't hold a charge, ran through this and got another 2-3 years out of it.
As far as the green tops I was already on my second set while still on the original set of black tops. Two different trucks of course.

I have a Schumacher battery maintainer that is supposed to desulphate batteries. I ran it last night and it successfully went through the process without showing an error. I guess I'll get the batteries tested again tomorrow and see it that worked.
I've succumbed to just using the cheap Walmart batteries. The availability and price is what I'm going on now.
I've had expensive AGM batteries. I wasn't impressed with their longevity or cost. I got the most longevity from the OEM AC Delco batteries.
On a side note, I have that CTek battery charger. I have never had any luck recovering a battery from using the DeSulphication process.
As far as the green tops I was already on my second set while still on the original set of black tops. Two different trucks of course.

What kind of trucks? FWIW some years of RAM pickups would charge at 15V and temp compensated from a mounted under battery temp sensor.

Green tops become black tops from the acid they can collect...

AGM's only keep the cables in better shape from being less likely to spew acid all over. (I have had a couple spill proof not be leak proof and eat cables.) Lifespans are a gamble, but, AGM's can go an impressive age. Unless you have a hot summer that doesn't cool down overnight like we had in 2022... I had to replace every single vehicle battery when the cold snap showed them all weak and failing. 3 AGM's and 3 flooded and only one not under warranty. In other words I don't bank on longer life.

The AGM's do charge faster and this can help them not sulfate to death with short trips. It can also overheat alternators asking "That all the amps you got?"
I got a real long life out of the batteries in the 08 Malibu and also the Delco batteries in the 2000 K3500 so I went back in with Delco batteries in both units.
I waited on the 2000 K3500. That was a mistake.
Low voltage and one of the batteries died and wiped out the IP driver module mounted behind the front bumper.
Interstate can be a few makers including Jonson Controls esp. JC's Optima with a SPECIAL part number to make it, Interstate Optima, a PIA to warranty "just anywhere Optima is sold".

Maybe a different manufacturer Exide/ JC for the different color batteries you have.

I had some serious trouble with AGM's not being available at all in the past few years for the late model stuff we have now. (Aka 94R size.) Not sure a '90 pickup would have AGM supply trouble though.

There is no such thing as the most reliable battery.
You can buy battery from the same mfg or brand, sometimes it is good for a long time, sometimes it is short lived.

The objective here is to buy it from a place where you have access to replace under warranty wherever you are.