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2000 Chevy k2500


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I bought a truck that was abused. Needless to say, the transmission went bad and I am looking for a replacement. It has a nv4500 in it. I can get one from a 1992 Chevy 1500. Will that work in it? I am told that it is impossible to get a whole rebuild kit for it. What other manual transmission will work, without major modifications to it?


She ain't revved 'til the rods are thrown...
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Upstate NY
You can get a rebuild kit from Torque King 4x4

They also stock gears, mainshafts, anything you may need

You'll probably find that the sum of rebuild parts will equal that of an already rebuilt unit

What year is the abused truck? the 92-95 GM NV4500 has a different bellhousing bolt pattern than the 1996 + and a different slave cylinder setup. So if swapping an early 90s NV4500 into a later year, make sure the bellhousing goes with the transmission

As far as I know the NV4500s should be interchangeable with the above details in mind

GM Guy

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NW Kansas and SC Idaho
^everything above is spot on, torque king also offers an awesome rebuild manual and all the necessary tools.

That 92 NV4500 wont bolt to your bellhousing, and I personally prefer the 96+ bell setup, so Id go out of my way to avoid leaving the OEM setup.

Another option to consider is the NV4500 direct replacement kit from www.rsgear.com
They sell a tremec TR4050 that has custom housings so total length is the same so no driveline work is needed.