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Recent content by quadstar87

  1. quadstar87

    2008 GMC Envoy Denali

    Don't build the motor then find the frame is rotted near the trans cross member like we did on my trailblazer SS 😆😆. It's fixed now but was a fun few weeks scrambling around.
  2. quadstar87

    Working on a "next-level" fuel system

    Step away from the norm and try things that are more unique. The manufacturers don't always have all the answers, especially for a 20+ year old application. These can have a pre set regulator in the fuel bucket inside the tank or an external regulator with dedicated return. We run 1/2" line up...
  3. quadstar87

    We are LIVE

    Awww c'mon ; ) I posted mine. Doesn't mean crap till it runs! reliably
  4. quadstar87

    Holset HE 351 6.5 Potential?

    Was that a single or multi disk TCC?
  5. quadstar87

    Injection pump ds4

    It's a joint effort and not a complete reality yet until I get it on an engine. Small changes in output really screw around with what pulse width and advance curve you need. I can post more about it if I'm allowed to here. https://www.facebook.com/QuadstarTuning/posts/2024045261172670
  6. quadstar87

    Kodiak Fuel Filter Upgrade

    The inline filter? They are fine if you replace them every couple oil changes. Maybe not the best choice if you run a lot of miles, though. Many factors to consider when designing a system. One of the reasons we don't sell a kit. Because we'd have to carry three or four setups to suit everyone...
  7. quadstar87

    Kodiak Fuel Filter Upgrade

    Not sure why it's not loading. They are Google cloud share listings that are open to the public. It does take a few seconds to load.
  8. quadstar87

    Kodiak Fuel Filter Upgrade

    The FASS install document with a DMAX filter info is free to use on my website. https://quadstartuning.com/pages/documentation
  9. quadstar87

    Hummer p0216

    Scan "Desired Timing" "Actual Timing" and "TDCO or Top Dead Center Offset" before you change anything. See if Desired and Actual match and note the TDCO value. Then, put it into re-learn and see if the TDCO value learns differently. If the pump needs moved, you'll know after it tries to learn...
  10. quadstar87

    99 6.5L Stalling out, tried "everything"(?!)

    I noticed you said you replaced the tank sending unit. Did you verify it came with the correct strainer sock during install? This is a big issue on this platform with the replacement parts because no matter how good your lift pump is, it can't work if there isn't enough fuel getting to it.
  11. quadstar87

    Hummer p0216

    You have to physically move the pump to set base timing/TDCO. It's a mechanical setting that gets learned into the computer.
  12. quadstar87

    99 6.5L Stalling out, tried "everything"(?!)

    I just did a '95 K3500 dump for a customer. It had the same exact symptom where it'd idle all day long but would die as soon as it was up to temp and you tried to put any sort of load on it. It required a full injection pump replacement which we did with our ULSD upgraded pump, however, we...
  13. quadstar87

    Hummer p0216

    PO216 is timing control circuit which deals with the stepper motor on the injection pump. I'd be using a scan tool to watch desired vs actual timing. My initial thought is that it's not able to achieve the correct timing advance on cold start so it tosses the code. It could also be that the...
  14. quadstar87

    Low boost despite upgrades.

    A 60/64/14 with a 6 blade comp and 10 blade turbine would be the "Super 40". You really want the 10blade turbine wheel with that 14cm T3, trust me. Is it twin scroll or open?
  15. quadstar87

    Low boost despite upgrades.

    What are the details on your turbo, exactly? "I'm running an HX40" is open to much debate on actual specs and how it'll perform. If it's the CKO version, it's running exactly like I'd expect it to (poorly)