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Recent content by kentonbeckman

  1. K

    2001 chevy 3500 bus 6.5 turbo help

    Thanks everyone, much appreciated!!!
  2. K

    2001 chevy 3500 bus 6.5 turbo help

    Thank you !I'm going to try and take care of it once the rain let's up. While I'm fixing this issue. I was going to put on an aftermarket fan and a few other simple upgrades while I'm greasy. Any advise about making this 6.5 better would be appreciated. It looks like I was getting around 10 to...
  3. K

    2001 chevy 3500 bus 6.5 turbo help

    Thanks for the reply. I'm presently in Hollywood fl. I am not sure how to do a YouTube video, the noise was an intermittent rattle, grinding. Now it's much louder and more consistent. Problem started after the serp belt flew off . I replaced the obvious bend pulley and belt tensioner, the idler...
  4. K

    2001 chevy 3500 bus 6.5 turbo help

    Howdy y'all, I'm in south Florida and need a proper mechanic. I have some crazy rattling noise that just got worse today....need to find a shop or at least a shady spot at an o'riley asap.. thanks