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Recent content by dtibbals

  1. dtibbals

    Well, I Finally Bit The Bullet And Bought An Intake

    Do you hear your turbo more? How much did it cost and where did you buy it?
  2. dtibbals

    LBZ Extended warranty?

    Just an update, I did buy one before Christmas. I have not needed it but I figured it is better safe then sorry, basically like having insurance.
  3. dtibbals

    Nor-Cal Cognito install question

    So I am at a point that I want to do the Cognito platinum package from Nor-Cal. But I live in the Chicago burbs so having them install it is not an option. Who would you guys recommend to do this type of an install? What type of shop should I be looking for? Also, what is the expected time...
  4. dtibbals

    Slightly different block heater questions.

    If it is going to be below 20 or so I plug it in. It isn't so it starts its so it warms up faster. I pull into the driveway and pop the hood and plug it in even with the engine being warm. I have also left it plugged in for 5 days straight with out driving it and never an issue. Never had...
  5. dtibbals

    Best tires?

    I have the Bridgestone Revos on my truck right now. They are doing well on wear, I think I have around 17k on them and they do not really show much wear. I will not be buying them next time because I want a more aggressive tire next. I will say for the most part they do pretty well but they...
  6. dtibbals

    Batteries, batteries batteries

    Yes you are right. The Deka (who I work for) builds the 6 UTL for the US Military and it is one hell of a battery! We also are the exclusive OE manufacture for the Caterpillar brand of batteries, Harley Davidson, and many of the Semi manufactures as well as exclusive BMW, MB and many others...
  7. dtibbals

    Batteries, batteries batteries

    Well this is a huge question with an even bigger answer. Another poster said when he was at Exide they would just put what ever label on a battery and in some cases that is true it is not really that simple. First lets start with the basics. East Penn makes batteries for a lot of private...
  8. dtibbals

    Batteries, batteries batteries

    Funny you say that. We just finished signing contracts to build Duracell Copper Top Auto batteries for them. You should start seeing them in the next few months.
  9. dtibbals

    Hello From N. IL

    Welcome, I am in Naperville
  10. dtibbals

    Batteries, batteries batteries

    Sorry to rain on your parade but none of this is correct. I happen to work for the largest single sight battery manufacture in the US. We private label for over 200 people and many of the brands you mentioned. Walmart for example uses several brands and we happen to service 3 states worth of...
  11. dtibbals

    LBZ Extended warranty?

    This is a GM major guard warranty and priced by my local dealer. They are actually cheaper then the dealers online selling them. FYI this is 36 months and 45,000 miles above the years and mileage I currently have. So it would be for another 36 months from December 1st and for a total of...
  12. dtibbals

    LBZ Extended warranty?

    I have a 2006 LBZ crew cab 4x4 with just over 35,000 miles. I am trying to decide if I should buy a Major Guard warranty for it. The cost is $1665 for a 36 month/45,000 mile extended warranty with a $100 deductible. The engine will have the 10/100k warranty even after this extended warranty will...
  13. dtibbals

    the everpopular wax thread

    What do you mean "orange peel"?
  14. dtibbals

    LBZ fuel gauge sucks.

    On my LBZ the fuel gauge is very accurate. If I fill it up while its running it will not go all the way to full unless I turn it off and restart it. It will go to full after 10 min or so with out restarting. If I fill up with the truck off it will always go to full when I start it. My DIC...
  15. dtibbals

    Yet another making the switch

    yea i like this site better as well, just a matter of time till there are enough members and enough content/activity that it will be the #1 diesel site