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let me know. i'm in baytown, 40 miles south of houston.
there are a few obstacles though: i have an artery blockage and am waiting for an appointment on a procedure. not sure of when.
it's best to send an email to contact.
deejaaa@yahoo.com contact 409-553-2888 David Johnson if needing to give more info.
my wife is in Battleford SK right now. she's from Coleville SK.
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1999 Chevy Tahoe 4 door w/ cargo area barn doors
2003 Chevy Silverado HD Extended cab
Four wheel drive dually
I have a 4x4 dually. And noticed between the master cylinder in the hydraulic booster it was leaking power steering fluid any suggestions on how to fix this thanks
@Four wheel drive dually Start a thread on this problem and you would get more help. Most members don’t come to profile post section I don’t think
I have a question? To convert my lights (makers and tail) to LED would it be better to get the LED relays (bleenkers & hazzard), or get the in line LED load equalizer? I'm asking because my bleenkers will bleenk fast with one but it won't bleenk with both front and back LED bulbs in so what is the best way to go? And I have a 07 Chevy Silverado classic. PS. anything will help
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Start a thread on this problem and you would get more help. Most members don’t come to profile post section I don’t think
Hi I was wondering if you would know if I could take a 98 5.7 4l80e tranny and swap it into a 2004 2500 6.0 suburban, Does the can bus system come into play here? Tia
Electrically it will work and will bolt in, but you will have 1 less bellhousing bolt since the 98 doesn't have the bolt hole at 12 o clock. And I'm pretty sure the torque converter is different between them.
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Hmm should I worry about that extra bolt hole or not?
Without it you have quite a large area without a bellhousing bolt.
I have been driving my 6.5 detroit diesel for about a week daily on small roads going about 40 mph and when i checked the oil after a week it had not changed but after i had driven it on the highway going 60 mph i saw a decreas in oil and i don't really know what it is but i think i could be that the cdr valve is bad. Anyone have any sugestions on what it might be?
2001 lb7 diesel fuel in the crankcase oil ? Would like any info why the truck only has 130000 miles is beautiful but why diesel in the oil ? Plz anybody
on 12/25/12 post titled
Rear defrost switch repurposed for heated mirrors
You wired the heat for mirrors to the purple wire for the rear window defrost grid in your 94 2500 . My question is.. Did the 20 awg wires from the mirror's, over heat at all ? After being tied into the 12 awg purple wire coming from the 94 suburban defrost switch?
I have a 1996 GMC P3500 trying to replace the power steering pump seals. Definitely need some guidance if anyone wouldnt mind pointing me in the right direction