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Hey I’ve been looking for info on my 1991 suburban. I’m looking for a 4L80e, mine is gone. I found one at a salvage yard in a 1993 chevy 3500 with a 454, wondering if I’d be able to use the 1993 trans. It’s a 4L80e as well but it was a plow truck and I know for a fact it was beat on bc I used to work for said salvage yard and they destroy they’re trucks.
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My suburban was a fire vehicle, was taken care of until the kid I got it from got it and destroyed the trans. Reverse is out, 1,2, and 3 gear slip horribly and never could get it into 4. Or past 40 and even getting to that it’s screaming the whole time, suburban has 200k. 93 has 104k, do I rebuild my trans or should I get the 93 trans and see if it’s good or rebuild that. Any help would be appreciated
hello veryone, new life long Chevy guy here with a couple chevy trucks a 94 C2500 and a 93 K1500 The 94, 2500 is my work truck with all new drivetrain rebuild radiator to driveline. having issue with gauge cluster had auto elect pro looked a it and says its a GM flaw with the plug behind the gauge panel that the cluster plugs into that needs a fix. Hope someone has found a remedy. Thanks
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I'm new to this maybe you could help me out I have a 93 Monterey cobra 32 ft motorhome with a 454 I got it started today after five years put it in reverse and backed up put it in drive and pull forward now I cannot get it out of Drive and I'm running out of options I've sprayed everything down and still cannot get the gear lever to move
I don't have a diesel. Trying to find a few Chevy guys that can advise me in a helpful way to getting my truck back on the road and back to work
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I don't remember seeing your opening message on the main screen.. did you ever get a response..if not then welcome to TTS.. and sorry.. there's tons of knowledge on here
My vehicle is a 22' Class C RV built on a 1993 Chevy G30 one ton van chassis. This RV has been in my family since new in January 1994. The RV has been to 46 states and the north slope of Alaska twice. My Dad gave me the vehicle in 2007. Our most recent trip was to the Daytona 500 in February, 2022.
Well, I finally got reupped....my password got lost in inter space somehow.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everybody. My truck is for sale, and I would gladly answer any questions and give pictures. Distance really isn't a problem; many transporters can haul it. Just hit me up.
I have had a fairly bad time in the past 2 1/2 years since removing the 3.0L CRD and installing the 6.5L Optimizer,
Some teething problems from the moment I got it back from the installer and then a series of events that have left me here today contemplating whether or not I purchase a second optimizer for it.

There's some pretty curly story's for me to share.
On your post about setting someone up with an HX40, is that open to others? I may be interested, if so. I started to ask about pricing in the thread, but wasn't sure if that was allowed since there are supporting vendors selling turbos.
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Sorry, I haven't been on the forum here in a few days but I replied back to your pm you sent. And yes I can certainly set you up with a turbo. 👍
Still building my old truck and with ANY luck it will get done before I croak and kids sell it off for 1/4 what is in it lol
Married ,Father of 3 grandfather of 1 very special lil man i drive a 2005 chevy silverado 2500hd 4x4 lifted on 35’s LLY duramax. mods procomp track bars kriptonite upper and lower ball joints bumpstops .cognito pisk kit ,ppe tie rods welded idler arm gusset support brace bilestein front shocks with remote res.sump on fuel tank air dog .many more ill finish tommorrow
Do you still have the 1978 Layton Nomad 22-foot travel trailer? Do you know what the weight of the trailer is/was? Also, was the clean water tank down the middle of the trailer or where on the trailer was it located? Do you have any original paperwork or instruction manual with yours?
I'm the owner of a 95 Chevy silverado it got stolen back in oct the idiot the stole it wad still on the grounds of my complex . I got my truck back in less then 10 minutes. problem Is that after I got the ignition and one of my vent windows replaced I noticed that when I press on the brake pedal my right turn signal comes on like its a brake light but when I use the turn signal it blinks like its supposed to.