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New profile posts

Still wrenching on "The Adventure" added new flexible rear ac lines and rear evaporator after conceding the fight with local brined road accelerating corrosion and turning the small repair in to a entire AC system rebuild!
New "choice" .....rusty vehicles or....clear.... ice and snow free roads? ;-)
My 2011 3500 Duramax just flashed "Service Exhaust Fluid System". Can I do this myself or does it have to go to a dealer and cost a bunch?
Hi Karen, you would need to pull the codes from the computer with a code reader and start there. Most parts stores will read the code for free. Then come back with that info and we might can help!
Hi Billy I'm in the middle of a project with a 97 Chevy with a 4l80e. I have taken the blown 454 out and installed a 12v cummins. Now I'm trying to make the factory computer work my trans I've hooked up the tps . But I'm down to the crank and camshaft position sensor any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks
Any recommendations for maintenance on a 2006 LBZ that only has 36,000 miles on it? Should I change the serpentine belt, even though it looks new, and is the original? (I have many questions like this) I'm only on the 2nd set of windshield wipers, (they are still good), and this is the Seattle area. Retired, and love it too much to sell it. ( Fastest and most powerful truck I have ever had). SLT too.
The best maintenance you could do, would be to find a new owner. Feel free to message me!!
Likes: Jaryd
I was wondering if you are happy with your Delta camshaft? I am starting a build for my suburban and I think I use it similarly to you.
I don’t have the Delta camshaft in the truck anymore. It didn’t give me any noticable power by the seat of my pants and it may have even caused some other problems. I’m at 350hp and I’m still not sure if the stock cam is holding me back.
Will, need to pick your brain. Have a M1028 that the GPR failed. Got a replacement BWD GPR1 that wont work with glow plug controller. Has continuity between two small posts. The original GPR does not. It just quit switching. Do you have a brand and part number for a good heavy duty replacement? Cant read the numbers on the GPR in my M1009.
Don't know if you've been on here lately, but I have a 94-95 4L80E trans I would like to put in a 92 RV(with bolt on yoke) What do I have to do to the later trans to make it work with the 92 ECM?
Hi Fermanator
Would you happen to have a tune for an OS 12603624 that has a standard transmission. I'm trying to make a standalone but the engine turns off after 30 seconds.
Thanks for your time
Pretty much everything I have left for base OS's is in the tune library.
Just looked, and that is a very early 06 lly OS. Any lbz manual trans tune should work. And if it's shutting off after 30 seconds, that doesn't sound like a tune issue, but more like running out of fuel or something else.
Hey SC,
I just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your cooling coatings in my new article on the site http://www.65turbogarage.com/stop-65-overheating.html.
I figured it would be ok since it's free advertising but I wanted to let you know in case there was an issue! : )>
Then I'll do the same process with the uncoated radiator for those numbers, and then again the same process with the coated radiator.

Do you have any other suggestions?
How would you suggest is the best way to go about application of your product? You mentioned self application in your earlier message above, or should I have the radiator sent to you for application?
Twisted Steel Performance
Twisted Steel Performance
Send it to me, that way their will be no chance it isn't done correctly.. The most accurate way to collect the data would be a temp sensor in the radiator just above the lower hose for a dedicated digital gauge, that is where I have one and it gives the water temp going into the motor after it passes through the radiator..
I have some potentially very good news, can you call me as soon as you can? 360.798.1578