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WH1C/HX40 Hybrid

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North Windham, Connecticut
So, I've been toying with the idea of an intercooled hybrid turbo setup for the winter. I know most people will go with an actual HX35/HX40 hybrid, but I've been looking into doing a WH1C/HX40 hybrid since I can pick up the turbo itself for fairly cheap, and get a 60mm wheel and housing from GDS, and have about 500 total into the hybrid turbo. Has anyone had experience with using a similar setup?

Twisted Steel Performance

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
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Pauline, SC
You realize a wh1c is just a old version of a hx35, only the wh1c doesn't have the map enhancement grove, basic same specs just a older style hence the low cost...


Old Iron Runner
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Northwest Wyoming
the wheel gds sells for an upgrade is based on the stock wheel with a larger inducer. I haven't looked into it but if the exducer doesn't need machined, the all you are getting is an upgraded inducer, which would effectively make it an HX35/40 hybrid. and if you read into my write up recently about how i felt about the performance of the 35/40 towards the true 40 i made, you will see the performance gained is a lot better with the true 40 and 14 housing. i know it is a slightly more expensive route, but you can piece it together, which will split the cost up, and get 10x better performance while not sacrificing anything, and gaining a larger exducer which will increase cfm. so i know it's a budget build, but i do have direct comparisons between turbos, and have results that show there is plenty of room for improvement on the 35/40 while maintaining a low cost