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Well the day finally came on the 2011


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Slidell, La
My LML has been coding EGR issues for a week now...

Decided to spend a little more than the $1200 or so +/- replacing the EGR and cleaning the cooler runs...and if the cooler needs replacing another $600

so I went somewhere in the middle...Right now with Parts and tuning I'm just shy of $1100 and am budgeting about $300 for labor

P1 (MBRP) 4" Down pipe back (delete) exhaust $359
Deviant LML EGR Blocker Plates $24
Donaldson 41" x 4" Muffler $134
6 Stainless 4" band exhaust clamps $84
Ridge Runner tuning Pick 5 pack $475
I have my own EFI Live V2 with an unused License so I'm saving $125 on the license

Tunes I picked were as follows but there is no true DSP5 switching so I will probably load the one tune and leave it at that
Tune Selections - Pick 5 Only _Heavy Tow <--will probably just stick with this one... not upgrading the trans
Tune Selections - Pick 5 Only _Light Tow
Tune Selections - Pick 5 Only _Daily Driver ( +50HP )
Tune Selections - Pick 5 Only _Street ( + 75 HP )
Tune Selections - Pick 5 Only _Street-Race ( +100 HP )
Good deal, Pepp.

My 2006 truck had an EGR Valve or motor to go bad while it was under warranty thank goodness. However in 2017 when I was out of town deer hunting it threw some codes. I took it to the closest Chevy dealer which was in the next state. They said they would clean the EGR and clear the codes first, if that didn't work the next step would be more than a 1000 dollars. I was hoping the first step would work and it did. I often wondered if just easing around at low speeds on the back roads contributed to the problem? Other words maybe I should have got out on the open road and blowed the soot out of it.