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Tip of The Day - Ringtone for Scammers


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Annapolis, MD
Short version:
By using one ringtone for people in the contact list and another as the default (for anybody *not* in the contact list), it eliminates wasted time in looking to see who is calling only to discover that it is nobody you know. Limitation is that this trick is not so great for a business use mobile device, but it will help.

Can do the same thing for text / SMS as well (if the OS supports this).

Longer version:
For my personal mobile device, anybody not in the contact list goes to voicemail as I do not waste time on scammers. Even with this practice, I still had to get the device and look at it to see the caller ID. Similar for connecting a smartwatch to see the caller information.

The other week I decided to go through my contact list and set everybody to use 'Ringone 1'. Now when I get calls, if I hear 'Ringtone 1' I answer the mobile; if I hear 'Default Ringtone', I ignore.

Only level of effor to this change was the time it took to go through each contact and make the ringtone change. Perhaps the day will come where the various OS providers will add a method to globally apply a ringtone to a group of contacts.