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stock 07 LBZ with edge evolution programmer

Thread starter #1
ive got a 07 duramax 3500 crew cab long bed non dully. I bought a edge evolution programmer 2nd hand and put in on the truck. I've been running it on the tow haul tune witch is level 2. is it safe with my stock 3 1/2 inch exhaust and the egr not being deleted is my first question and my second is how many miles do these motors last. I'm at 267xxx now and if it's gonna be a short life I'm not gonna put a bunch of money into the truck. exhaust, egr delete, intake, head studs and gaskets, and injectors are gonna be done when I can get them done. also what order would you put these mods on the truck. I'm currently buying a house and have 2 kids so I can't just go buy it all at once. that is in advance for any info


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The Edge should be a good mild tuner and level 2 should be fine. Engine life can range WILDLY! As with anything, how it's been cared for plays a big role. Many of these engines have run over a half million miles tuned without issue while others have broken cranks and cracked pistons stock at 150K miles, it's all a crap shoot. I wouldn't do anything more than block the egr, but whatever you do, do not use the pos ebay delete kits. If you want to delete your egr, do it right with a lb7 up pipe and a good y bridge, the ebay kit WILL cause you grief, and cost you down the road when your up pipe cracks or yourintake pushes apart. Deleting your cat is all thats really neccesary imo, you can make some decent power on stock exhaust without the kitty. Head studs are not neccesary unless you plan on more than stock fuel and air(which is good for mid 400's if you want to play it safe, or mid 5's if you want to flirt with danger). And why are you planning on injectors? Is it giving you the dreaded p0087?