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PF48E Oil Filter FAIL ACDelco Ecore


I'm getting there!
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Seguin, TX
now back when I was turning wrenches at work before I got into the inventory side. we had idiot parts changers in the shop that for the life of me couldn't figure out how they got some of the equipment filters so tight without any sign of dents or crushing on them. them dam things were so tight even driving a bar through the filter making a T handle would only rip it off the base. many times I had to use a hammer and blunt chisel to get the threaded part of the filters off.

I guess they learned their lesson, at least I hope so when the guy who last changed the oil got to pull the filter again on the next change.

shortly after I got into the inventory side, I had the shop manager coming at me for defective filters where we had a string of them blowing out the gaskets. LOL I reminded him of the day he chewed everyon's arse for hulk-ing the filters on, told him now they are leaving them too loose. there is a proceedure out there, make sure there following it. the Fleetguard and Donaldson reps are gonna ask if they are following it, probably gonna want proof too! "you know what you got out there" HAHA he walks out into the shop and gathers everyone up.....


Well it hits on 7 of 8...
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Oh yeah a pic. Just can't miss this river.

"And I thought Diesel engines left oil spots you couldn't get off!" That's frame wax on the top: GM dealers will remove the frame wax by the cats and paint the frame.

Oil and wax leaks.jpg