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No wipe wipers


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My 91chevy 1500 windshield wiper motor has stoped working. The were messed up when I bought the truck 2 weeks ago. Used parts to fix the problem came with truck. The steering wheel was loose and needed tight end up so while tore down replacing the blinker,wiper,cruise control switch and arm I decided to go a bit deeper and tighten the 4 bolts just beyond the tilt housing. Well as I said wipers were already messed up. They had put a toggle switch in fuse box to operate wipers. Ok now I have replaced the switch and tight end bolts and put column back together and when I tryed the wipers nothing until I turned switch to high then no wipers but the amp gauge dropped by half. Also I could tap on intermittent panel and slowly the wipers would raise a little bit with each tap until the made it half way then they would finish cycle and stop in normal resting position. Can someone please help b4 it rains again? Thank u.


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Miles City, Montana
Welcome to thetruckstop Karl.
I am going to make a guess here that, maybe the wiper motor is shorted or else there is a short in the wiring leading up to the wipers.
By tapping on the panel and having them move a little seems that something is bad binding. You might try removing the cowl screen in front of the windshield and disconnecting the wiper arms linkage from the motor lever and see if they then will function, at least that would determine of it was the linkage itself that is binding.
Just dont loose the bearing pieces that are placed against the wiper linkage arm ball. Use some good grease and lube the balls when putting it back together.


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Unplug wiper motor connector - does the amp meter still drop? Yes: massive short in wires. No: start with cleaning grounds. ESP. make a new ground from the body to the engine with a battery cable.

Junkyard and replace wiper motor. Note the connector likes to crack the solder joints on the wiper motor board. Easy job to heat them back up and reflow the cracks.


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Lincoln, NE
The board failing is very common up through 95. You can either open up that one and re-solder the lead to board connections, or you can just say screw it and go buy a replacement motor speed control module from one of our site Sponsors, @RockAutoLLC and also take a 5% discount on your order using this month's The Truck Stop code found at the Rock Auto sponsor thread here in the Vendors Section.