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New Member
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North Las Vegas
Hi guys im Lili and I just got a 95 Chevy Tahoe 2WD 4door 5.7, dude i bought it off of said only the breaks needed to be replaced & thats the only problem. HE was selling it for $2100 and i brought it down to $1,400 (hmmm) I didn’t hesitate so i said im coming to get it NOW! $1,400 CASH baby was mine but he had no problem bringing the price down so i thought it was too good to be true said only did that cus im a female so anyways drove that bitch home oh boy IT GOT POWER, but kinda shaky when i was breaking soooooo after wiggling my ass under the truck to see wassup I notice that a damn shock was missing LOL this is going to be fun, i bought the shocks today for both sides in the front but THENNNNN i started looking around and i noticed the tie rod is messed up i suppose. Idk lol but yeah other than that this baby got a liitle here and there cosmetic issues nothing major, I also have 2 12s ready to b put in & put the window visirs i got all around, tint it a lil more... maybe lower it AAHHHHHH But once the truck is gooooood to go!!! Ouuu im so excited 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪



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Hodges, SC
Welcome to the forum.

Good price for the Tahoe even if you have to spend a little to get it back right. The missing shock could definitely cause the shake but also check the rotors and make sure that they ain’t worped. Sounds like you should plan on going through all the steering components since the tie rod looks messed up. Post up any questions that you have and this group can help you out.

Looks like a straight clean Tahoe from the picture

Will L.

Well-Known Member
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Boulder City Nv
Welcome Lili.
Definitely fill out your signature line with truck details for future questions.

Inspect the brakes fully and flush the old fluid. If the shake happens only when braking- probably front rotors are toast. Factory rotors were best on those, Aftermarket tend to warp easy.

The fuel filter is often neglected on those and is low price and easy to swap. I always throw that in right away on the gassers with first oil change.

The seller said nothing was wrong, but wanted the sale. I learned to call back the seller a week later and say “I am really happy with the truck, but please tell me what else you know of. Every little problem- not like I won’t buy it now! There is a funny feeling/noise I cant figure out, and can’t afford to waste money guessing... so if you remembered anything since we last spoke it sure would help me.” Thats when the real story finally comes out.

Have you smogged it already? I usually make that my first question and tell them during test drive I will do the smog and buy if it passes. You already know by then if you want it, and will have to smog anyways. I have had people tell me “nevermind- it wont pass”right then.

You got a good price, so it should all work out.

I am out in Boulder City. Jealous that you are closer to 2 of my favorite food joints. Real Donuts on Cheyenne by the 95, and Mario’s grocery @ MLK and LakeMead blvd. back in the corner the old butcher area is soul food - best anywhere. Getting my wife to drive an hour for dinner or a donut doesn’t happen often- haha. But thinking about it, donuts sound good, and wife & kids are sleeping in... hmm.

For any out of town visitors, yes you should go there too, but not the safest 2 spots in town, so dont leave the truck
running when you go in for the chow.


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Miles City, Montana
Welcome to thetruckstop Lilli.
Every time I buy a vehicle, it seems, they will always require a certain amount of work to get them road worthy.
YUP, shuddering brakes sounds like warped rotors, now rotors and pads are not real expensive though.