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LBZ Turbo Vane Position Sensor Replacement


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Poulsbo/Pullman, WA
I recently had the vane position sensor go out on my 07. The symptoms were that there was hardly any boost between 1500-2500 RPM's. once you hit over 2500 RPM's it seemed to get full boost instantly. Another symptom was at idle, the vanes in the turbo would open and close all the time... This made it sound like engine would gain RPM's and then idle back down.

For an LBZ Duramax there are 3 options for vane position sensors:
1. GM# 98011739 - Vane Position Sensor for LBZ Duramax
2. GM# 98061570 - Vane Position Sensor for LMM Duramax
3. GM# 12635324 - Vane Position Sensor, Supersedes LBZ and LMM #'s

The prices vary for each of the parts:
1. GM# 98011739 - $230 up to $389
2. GM# 98061570 - $211 up to $357
3. GM# 12635324 - $400 up to $506
(These prices are from different online GM parts distributors and local dealers)

Currently GM# 98011739 (LBZ) is no longer available. As of late Oct- early Nov 09, GM# 12635324 (New Part #) is not yet available for sale. It is waiting to be approved by GM for the sale of that part.

I used GM# 98061570 (LMM) because it was available and cheaper than the new release part.

Removal of old Sensor:
1. Remove resonator from the top of the intake
2. Follow wire out of the top of the turbo down to the drivers side of the block
3. Unplug the sensor
4. Using a 1" Crows Foot, a 3/8" ratchet, and 6" extension; loosen and take out the sensor

Installation of new sensor:
1. Using a 1" Crows Foot, a 3/8" ratchet, and 6" extension; tighten sensor to 21.5-24.9 N.M of torque (15-18 Ft. Lbs)
2. Run wire down to the plug on the drivers side (place in a safe route so that the wire will not be harmed)
3. Plug sensor in
4. Re-install resonator on the intake
5. Start the vehicle and check to make sure everything is in working order
6. Enjoy



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Thank you for taking the time in writing and posting this information. I thought I must have a plugged fuel filter since it started to do this
once the weather turned cold but it did not go away.
I replaced the sensor and she is back to normal.
Thanks again.


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North carolina
I have one question on this. After reading several other threads on this subject, they are saying that I have to have the sensor relearned to my truck. Is this true? and can i9t only be done at a dealer? Thanks again for the great post and pic.


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Sandwich, Illinois
I'm not sure but I thought it re-learned over some key cycles.
On edit- I believe on an LBZ you'll probably have to get a Tech 2 relearn at a dealer unless someone with an EFI V2 can do it.
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