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Hi! This is JakFlak


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Hello, I am new to this site! I just bought a 97 K3500 6.5 turbo,4x4,crew cab dually pasture / fence line find! It started fine, idled fine in park and then for the first 10 minutes would perform flawlessly while driving and idles perfectly then when it warms up to operating temp it would go into limp mode or something! It wouldn’t die it would just not accelerate at all, you could push the pedal down and it would only go 20 mph! I checked fuel psi and it was only getting 2.5-3 psi so I put a Delphi lift pump on it and moved the pump 8’ back to the tank and put new rubber fuel lines up to the fuel filter! Now it is getting 6- psi , hard starting and when it gets warm under driving conditions and starts blowing white smoke out the exhaust loses power and dies ! I took it to a diesel shop they don’t know that motor they pit a scanner on it and drove it! Then they gave me a printout with codes po231,p0216 and they said something about a ignition timing stepper motor(ITS) Could someone please give me some ideas?? I changed the serpentine belt oil and filter, new wix fuel filter! It died but I coasted it back down the hill to my driveway let it sit for 45 minutes the I felt the upper radiator hose and it was almost too hot to hold and tight and I felt the bottom hose and it was cold like it had never got warm at all! So I just bought two 180 degree thermostats


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