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GMT 800 Brake Conversion > Silverado HD 2500

Twisted Steel Performance

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
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Pauline, SC
Back in the day I looked at the GMT-400 disc brake conversion kits and they were priced at $580. I see they are now over $1200. My entire axle cost me $260 harvested from a Pick-A-Part boneyard and that was complete with rotors, calibers and pads. The spring and snubber perches, plus the welding added $100. Just ordered a parking brake cable equalizer for $15 including taxes and shipping. Way cheaper than any conversion kit I priced.

Yea the kit was a bit less back when I purchased also.

Big T

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Fullerton, CA
Bought Before Bidenflation.
So LKQ Pick-A-Part has now started charging separately for any fasteners and integrated pieces of equipment. Example: when I harvested the GMT-800 axle with disc brakes, I was charged just for the axle. Now they would charge for the disc brakes, parking brake cables, etc.

This past weekend I honestly revealed the hardware for the u-joints on the drive shaft I harvested. They said I needed to go back and pay for those. I bitched they had not done that before, but no go. That said, I own LKQ stock, so it get back in the form of dividends and share price appreciation.