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Front frame section rust repair ten


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Fort Washington PA
Hi All,
Just as I crest the road of getting all mechanical issues aligned with the moon and the stars....I am wrenched back to the reality that the northeast weather is going to extract this vehicle from my worn out hands and return it to the ground it came from. The rust is killing it slowly.
I noticed the front frame section where the sway bar mounts is rusting and at some point the sway bar will pull away. Has anyone dealt with this and would be nice enough to enlighten me on some options to repair it? I am of the persuasion that it is still less expensive to repair it than replace it. Considering all of the work I have put into it and the fact that it runs so beautifully after the “re-engineering” applied to it .....with huge thanks to my friends on the site for encouragement and guidance...I am now at this crossroad.
I have already welded a patch on the opposite side of the frame to correct rust before. I am wondering if there is a frame repair section available to weld in for this vehicle. 1996 Suburban K1500 6.5
I imagine I will need to have the radiator support and most of the front end off to access the frame for a potential “resection” of the front frame section if that is even a possibility.
Does anyone have any suggestions on quality shops in the northeast that they had personal success with in a repair like this that they might share?
The adventure continues.......👀



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Miles City, Montana
Buy a welder, grinder, cutoff wheels and some steel and cut out the bad sectikns and weld in new.
Thats about the best way. To have a shop take care of all the rust on tje frame would be cost prohibitive.
throw is out some pics of what You are dealing with.