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Extensive fuel additive testing { youtube video }


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Pendleton, SC
I have watched several of his videos and usually like them. I especially liked his duct tape one.

This one seemed like a good comparison but he tested the lubricity with the straight product not with it added to diesel fuel. That might have made a little difference. But the lubricity thing was exposed with that other big test. The "gas substitute" RV test was kinda weird.

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
He only did the rv because he doesn’t have diesel powered lawn mowers! Haha. Seen a lot of his videos. But ya that had room for error, but the main point is it doesn’t help more than gasoline and basically what it is made of.

One of the things he didn’t cover was water in the fuel and the related effects.

The lubricity of the products COULD change by how it acts when mixed with diesel, yes. But really, mix in 50/50 diesel and water, 50/50 diesel and engine oil. Then straight water and straight oil. Pretty easy to see what would happen.
In all the lube tests I was involved in in an actual lab, one thing was consistent- better stand alone lubes did better when cut into fuel every time I ever saw. The one in a million chance that one of those brands has the perfect chemical agent to break the rule, I would push all in against it happening.