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DSG main stud girdle, full main studs?


Well it hits on 7 of 8...
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I was wondering if there is any experience with using a main stud girdle specifically the DSG one that only replaces the outer main bolts with studs? Is it better to obtain the harder to find setups that replace all 20 main bolts with studs? A combo of the two like all main studs and a girdle? I mean why is the DSG kit "short a few studs of a full kit"? (Like why would an ARP head stud kit make you use some TTY bolts with their kit?! I am just not connecting the dots here.)

I am not seeing a 5 main girdle kit and wonder if this would require a different oil pan?

Do you have to do any machine shop work with a DSG - 3 main kit?

Of course there is the 12mm vs. newer 10mm outer main bolt holes to consider. My interest is in the 12mm older stuff. Is there any hope? :smuggrin:

Yeah P400 design has a 5 main girdle...


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Space coast, FL
I remember a few guys have made one that goes to all 5 mains and they had to modify the oil pan by the #1 main to clear the studs. Plus they had to make their own girdle bars. Arp makes the studs that are needed just not in a kit from what I've found.

I have the DSG kit and I firmly believe that it saved the block when the crank broke. Definitely doesn't hurt being there.

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a girdle on my optimizer.
Concearns about needing to line bore the mains, i know it is needed on some applications. Idk about dsg or other ones (if any others are available) on the 6.5.

The one I made replaced the main caps so obviously had to be bored. I’m sure it helped but that was back when I was rich and famous- haha.