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Driver’s Side Window Binding


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Rural Clifton, Illinois
I didnt have a regular paper route. I could buy the daily news paper for a nickel and sell them to people on the street for a dime.
A big day was maybe a 50 cent profit. I would buy something that caught My eye in the Ben Franklin or Woolworths store. Maybe a model car I had put on layaway or some such. A lot of layaway things was purchased in that manner but not until the one I had cornered was paid off.
Many times it would be a quart of milk, a half a dozen apples then I could make some apple crisp or Mom could bake an apple pie. That was always good times.
Got my drivers License, started work at this huge second hand furniture store/pawn shop combo.
That store also sold mobile homes. They would order in mobile homes with furniture, dressers, beds, vanities, etc, haul those items into the second hand store and sell it as new furniture.
They decided I could drive a truck. This old ford toter truck with a flathead V8. I think it was a 1948.
16 years old and hauling 14 foot wide trailer houses all over the eastern side of Montana. Oil was booming back then so there were many went to Baker and even into North Dakota. Then set them up, blocking, plumbing and plug in the electrical cord. Salesman would be close behind to check everything out. Be midnight before getting back to town, then, cruise around and drink until I was tired enough to sleep, then home. Much of my wages went in for food and buying my own clothing too. Go into a mom/pop store on Main Street, the Bean Bag, grab a case of Schmidt Beer for threenor four bucks a case, slap down the cash, lady would look me over, ring it up and out the door I’d go, laughing all the way. Bars too when I wanted a jug. Go in and set at a stool, order a beer and pay, tender come back around then order a bottle of Jack or Turkey and be on my merry way.
Never got busted or had a wreck so I think that Moms prayers of protection must have been mighty strong. Even now, I still experience the benefit of those prayers.
Thank God for Mom's Prayers.

I don't think any of us would have made it without.


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Wow, I'm truly captivated by the incredibly fascinating and enthralling story you've shared! It's absolutely amazing to hear about your unique and extraordinary experiences, which have undoubtedly left an indelible impression on your life's journey.