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DEF/UREA Check The Date

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By now everybody has heard of DEF/Urea. Its no magical potion, just 32% Urea and the rest is water. While the fluid isnt fancy, it does degrade overtime and the SCR systems are extremely picky about the DEF quality. If its not good enough, your not going anywhere.

DEF has a typical shelf life of 1-2 years depending on hows its stored.

It should be stored below 86* and above 14* and out of sunlight. If it is stored in sunlight or high temperatures its shelf life decreases.

DEFs freezing point is 12-14*, the SCR systems are equipped to handle this and go into a DEF thaw mode. Each engines DEF thaw mode is different but most of them consist of a heating procedure for the DEF and reduced engine power until the DEF is ready to use.

But the main reason for me writing this is that I just put some bad DEF fluid in our tractor and now i gotta drain it and replace it with fresh stuff. Not that much work, but now thats $40 of fluid down the drain plus the tractors downtime. I went and checked the date and its over a year and a half old.

I dont suspect this to be much opf an issue for this year and the next year but I am sure that in the future poor quality DEF will become a rising issue. So just best off to check the date of manufacture before purchasing.
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