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Best fluid to use in getrag 5 speed

OBS 94’ Z

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I just recently bought a reman 5-speed for my 1994 4x4 and I’m about to put it all in a couple days (new flywheel, rear main seal, new clutch system and etc) but anyway, the trans shop I got it from told me that Synchromesh was the best to put in it. Anyone know this to be true, or has anyone heard otherwise??



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Rural Clifton, Illinois
I used nothing but Amsoil Severe Gear 75/90 or Maybe it was 75/110. I thought it was 90/120 but they have no such thing. Call Amsoil tech and ask what they recommend. You can also look it up on their website. 716 399 8324

I put 800,,000 miles on that transmission without touching it. I changed the fluid whenever it smelled or did not look good.

I only changed the clutch twice. Once I had a spring break and the 2nd time the throw out bearing went out. Both times I was able to drive it home

IO really liked that transmission. Much more so than the NV4500 I have now. It shifted like a dream. I could start it in first and then run through the rest of the gears. Which was pretty handy when I was a week away from home and the throwout bearing went out. It was also a lot easier install than the NV4500. Or maybe I was just a lot younger.