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Batteries & Electrical Componets


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What I learned on my 05 LiY 05 2500 Duramax was the hard way yet sme of it I just knew. Stock engines on this model in particular , regardless if you plugged up your engine or not eas rough. Ok yeah there is a glow plug, and this is supposed to help how when it's like 18 below & that's just because they tell you it's ok. Look there are certain things you can do and certain things you should never do. After 1 week if crucial week of life below zero in the mountains and foothills of TN I finally made it back to the player's of TN. Still hadnt escaped those winter winds though. Days were in the low 30's with wind chill of minus 15. At night it was goin to get wrse. This reminded me of a time when one of best friends uncles took off outside b4 he finished his plate & we didnt know what was goin on. He said go fetch ur man's blanket boyz tell ur dad to bring nana's as well. What he did was practically n design. Only downfall I see is how lng one can maintain a blanket made warmer for this period of time. Well we were gonna find out. So we cvrs em up and flew n here and we gonna get a little more dne each day. When we wen to establish our market share of this product and filed for patents on jus bout one or 2 items. That always works out.

Will L.

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Boulder City Nv
A patent on 3 blankets on the engine for cold weather?

Tryin to be helpful here, not busting your chops.

Well, first post was in all caps so this one is a step better for others to read in that sense. https://www.thetruckstop.us/forum/threads/chevy-for-life.48525/
All capitalized words for when you need to EMPHASIZE something. An entire sentence typed in all caps is the equivalent of screaming at someone. But more than one sentence that way makes a reader tune out as if it is the crazy cat lady tweaked on dope rambling on screaming at the entire world.

Not picking on you, but that many altered words makes it hard for a person to read and follow the topic well. The more busy the brain is translating, the less it focuses on the subject matter. Misspellin a wurd r 2, or shrtnin mny addz an axsent to da ting- cept 2 much iz funna go frm fun 2 COFUZIN Qwik.

Most all gear heads here or wouldn’t be on this forum. So typing like we are back in English class in high school isnt our idea of fun. But it’s needed to share our thoughts with others reading it.

Also, don’t be afraid of the RETURN button. Dropping down a line to separate thoughts, or even if the same thought and subject just after a few sentences helps people keep their place in a long post such as yours above or mine here.

Back to your engine blankets (?) If you have some newly invented product, hearing of it may be cool. Pictures and comparison tests are interesting.
Maybe become a vendor here or wholesale it to one of the existing vendors here where we buy it from retail. But like the battery mentioned in your first post- no links to sell things that take away from the vendors here. While we all like a smokin deal, they pay for us to to have a free forum here.

Just to help you out, I believe the engine you patented your blankets for is an LLY not an LiY.