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6.5 chevy rebuild components


New Member
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29 palms, CA
I need the following items to get going, seals, as in all of the engine seals, but I do not know where to source all of them from, especially the exhaust, manifold, and turbo gaskets. It is very confusing, there is supposedly no "end all" kit, but a head gasket kit, and a conversion kit, I need both??? I need a new fan, and clutch, a torque converter "thm400", mechanical modulator "190 bucks really???" and the appropriate flex plate. plus harmonic balancer. I may just go ahead and change the head gaskets, not that I think it necessary, but since I have to get the head gaskets any way, I might as well, besides, it will give me peace of mind. Is there anything else I'm forgetting??? finally have some money to finish this, so I want to get moving as soon as I can. I have a new water pump and t-stat, as well as glow plugs, and I am doing the egr delete. I have looked all over online and seen lots of prices, at lots of places, I would like to keep the business in the family of the forum sponsors. one stop shopping is the key here gentlemen.

happy holidays, and Semper Fidelis,

Sgt Kevin A. Davies, USMC