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2016 F250 Crew cab short bed 4x4 Platinum, 56,000 miles


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Rural Clifton, Illinois
2016 F250 Crew cab short bed 4x4 Platinum, 56,000 miles
Seeking advice on what to do as far Disaster prevention. I've had a miserable couple days trying to search and read - the computer has been super slow when it was moving at all.

I have the Exergy Metering valve to install. I also want to install a disaster prevention kit. I see there are a few different kits - actually I saw that posted and wasn't able to find out if there were any differences.

Are there any disaster prevention kits that do NOT require grinding?

Have they been out long enough to determine one as better than others? Or, Have they been out long enough to determine any that aren't worth the money?

Lift pump, water trap and better filters - FASS, AFE or Caterpillar?

EGR delete?

Other good upgrades, even if not related to the fuel system - that should be considered?

A good place close to Kankakee, Illinois for installation?

Any approximate prices on installation?

Is there anything supported by dealerships?

I know a guy that had his deletes done on his 2012 at a dealership. I asked the same dealership about the Disaster prevention kits and they claimed to know nothing about them or any issue ever with a CP4. I bought the extended warranty from Bill Walsh Chevy in Streator, Illinois. We have no idea what we bought. I'm guessing that was a huge waste of money. I did, that thing I do when I get tired, and just bought the next truck I saw. Pl;us part was, the banker sent it to me, as the out the door price was lower than the loan value


Well it hits on 7 of 8...
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Extended warranties are refundable. If you got Fidelity as an extended warranty: get a REFUND! Fidelity is exceptionally bad for warranties. Then get a real extended warranty, if possible, from the OEM: Ford.