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Search results

  1. Twisted Steel Performance


    yea..... x3 now......
  2. Twisted Steel Performance


    I sell a down pipe alone or in a kit with other items. For towing heavy a HX35 with a 14cm turbine will be much better than stock, personally I tested many different variations, the hybird 35/40 with a 14cm turbine and different blades was the strongest with my setup. With a ds4 pump you are...
  3. Twisted Steel Performance


    You say that now, but the cost may surprise you...
  4. Twisted Steel Performance

    Tractor/equipment for up to 5 acres

    Well I'm gonna just stay out of this conversation.... I have 3 tractors, lowest HP is 40, highest is 75, all used for my hobby farming, I have 40ac, then theirs the ford backhoe, it's a old thing but it sure will dig a hole and stumps... I use a 6' 3pt finish mower for the most part and a...
  5. Twisted Steel Performance


    The only forged steel crank for these motors is the one from GEP/AMG that I am aware of, I know scat doesn't offer one...
  6. Twisted Steel Performance


    Those are all "cast" cranks, you could consider a GEP forged crank, I can supply them if interested.
  7. Twisted Steel Performance

    Bearing limits (don't try this at home)

    Did you leave it 4:10's ? I am planing to change to 3:42's but it will cost a bit more to do both front & rears for me...
  8. Twisted Steel Performance

    Bearing limits (don't try this at home)

    That's going to be a costly tow attempt, ring & pinion and the install kit....
  9. Twisted Steel Performance

    Charge Air Coolers

    Mo pics.. .
  10. Twisted Steel Performance

    Charge Air Coolers

    It's getting hot here in the south, I'm finishing up 2 Charge Air Cooler kits for customers, these will require very little mods to install, I provide brackets for the cooler mounting and bolts, intake adapter with gasket & SS bolts, and a turbo V-band adapter that doesn't require you to grind...
  11. Twisted Steel Performance

    ARP main stud instructions

    I agree with Les, a reamer and say a magnetic drill at a set depth would be a way to do it if folks don't have access to a big mill that would handle a block, and if a machine shop is willing to do that much think about going a bit deeper with the holes and threads.... then have it cryo treated...
  12. Twisted Steel Performance

    Modified 6.5 Build

    Heck, theirs plenty of room behind the cab me thinks it would fit their just fine :rolleyes:
  13. Twisted Steel Performance

    Off to Cryogenic processing she goes..

    As it stands now the cost i was quoted may not stand, i know the several times we spoke the type of motor was discussed, but now they claim a much higher cost for "diesel" motors. Mine will still ship out Monday, i will let them decide if it's more, i told them it was not much more than a BB...
  14. Twisted Steel Performance

    No bueno

    I watched a cat3408 do the same thing, motor nearly melted internally, had everyone in the shop running for cover when it started throwing parts everywhere...
  15. Twisted Steel Performance

    Oil leak

    Time to visit the local hyd shop and have one made with the correct type of hose...
  16. Twisted Steel Performance

    Edge CTS2

    I'm guessing the ESS oil pump drive would be the best....
  17. Twisted Steel Performance

    Edge CTS2

    Short reason for this question... I will be using a Banshee VGT controller with a HE351VE turbo when my motor is finished late this summer. Steed has made very big improvements in his controller's, I have sent him mine to be updated to his latest version. I will be able to change and monitor...