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Search results

  1. GM Guy

    88GMCtruck's never ending 88 GMC build thread

    a truck that looks nothing like 99 percent of the ones on the road deserves a plate that 99 percent dont understand. :)
  2. GM Guy

    88GMCtruck's never ending 88 GMC build thread

    Pleeease put an Allis Chalmers vanity plate on it. :)
  3. GM Guy

    Towing with the 6.5

    Nice color scheme! :) 26K on the 400K+ 95 in signature.
  4. GM Guy

    How often do you use 4 wheel drive.

    I dont always use 4wd, but when I do, Its once a year or so, and it usually ends up in me being frame deep with false trust in the abilities of a transfer case equipped vehicle... :) the (2) 3/4 tons (93 and 95) are open diff, and are a huge disappointment in 4wd. my 06 Duramax with highway...
  5. GM Guy

    Heads/ precups options

    tagging for extreme interest. :)
  6. GM Guy

    Quadstar Tune

    What about split power on cruise? Thin the 430/470 Detroit diesel. 430 on the foot feed, 470 on cruise.
  7. GM Guy

    2014 Cruze Diesel

    Got a buddy with a 17 with the manual that loves it, but probably not enough miles to know how it will do long term. He is a hyper-miling freak that can squeeze some impressive numbers out of it. From Denver back here to KS its flat and downhill, I think one run with a decent tailwind he...
  8. GM Guy

    2019 Silverado

    I cant get over the terrible mirrors. put them in front of the window! right now it looks like someone grafted mid 90s ford half ton mirrors onto something...
  9. GM Guy

    Double check my diagnosis please: 95 K3500

    OK, pulled upper intake and unplugged OS and no change. verified FSO this time, out when unplugged, sucks right in when plugged in with key on.
  10. GM Guy

    Double check my diagnosis please: 95 K3500

    Hey all, I drug home another one. :) 95 K3500 CCLB DRW 6.5L 5spd 4wd. It has about 250K on it, story goes he was just driving along and it just shut off, never to start again. Owner claims to be a good mechanic and has had a few 6.5Ls over the years and claimed it has to be the IP I cracked...
  11. GM Guy

    2020 GMC HD

    Yeah, still not a fan. :) The mirror situation is just a raging dumpster fire IMO. They look added on, especially with the black filler right above it. I think GM got a bunch of rejected Ford engineers when they went broke in 08, and we are now seeing the fruits of their labor.
  12. GM Guy

    1991 Gmc 3500HD Cab n Chassis Dump

    HD was released in 91 to my understanding. www.3500HD.com surely has someone parting something out.
  13. GM Guy

    SAC00 hopefully the LB7's savior

    Exciting news! Especially since it seems my project LB7 has had the injectors go bad just sitting. :/ Are they competitive cost wise?
  14. GM Guy

    Rock auto order problem

    Have a little faith in rock auto, their fitment is very accurate if you pay attention to RPO codes and know all your vehicle specs (aka dont order 10,11, or 12K GVWR 3500 stuff for your 15K GVWR 3500. The ONLY time I have had an issue is exhaust manifold donut gaskets, for some reason they are...
  15. GM Guy

    91 4L80E running hot and no reverse

    Hey all, Just drove home a 91 C3500 454 4L80E (yeah I know.... definitely not something I would normally buy) and was curious as to what kind of list of repairs I am looking at with a 4L80E that has no reverse and runs hot in forward gears. Apparently the previous owner has had issues for a...
  16. GM Guy

    Anyone use this clutch kit

    No experience with it in a pickup, but in a 79 W900a long hood Kenworth with a 3408 V8 that I am lucky enough to get paid to drive twice a year, it has a ceramic button clutch, and there is basically no feathering the clutch. its grabby, but it holds well. I think the rear main seal weeps, or...
  17. GM Guy

    Help in identifying this manual transmission?

    Looks like the 90 was a Topkick C6500... definitely a large transmission not meant for 2wd pickup use, let alone a 4wd pickup.... :) Not saying you cant make it work, but a NV4500 would go in alot easier.
  18. GM Guy


    As far as brands, I would have a hard time recommending Rotella. My lowest oil PSI and highest consumption rates seem to occur with rotella in the crankcase.
  19. GM Guy


    I run synthetic on anything that does not leak or have consumption issues. Spins way faster on cold starts, great to have if you dont run an oil pan heater.