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Search results

  1. WarWagon

    No bueno

    No. You would be testing the plexiglass and mounting of it for failure. Safest place to be is in front or behind a runaway engine. It will let loose in a circle around the spinning crankshaft. Cooling system can have a steam explosion after it stops spinning. Yeah, brave on the extinguisher...
  2. WarWagon

    Took 40 Years!!

    What? No stories about the rattle of a 6.2 changing before it runs out of fuel because it's sucking air? The surge warnings the 6.2 gives you...
  3. WarWagon

    Took 40 Years!!

    Did anyone see you run out of fuel? No? Then it didn't happen... :wacky:
  4. WarWagon

    Hayden 2886

    Agree 1000%. But... You left out the design diffrences that make that possible with a Duramax without killing the rings.
  5. WarWagon

    Main bearing studs

    Not sure what is in the "kit" offered, but, the ARP single stud part numbers are around here and there. One example: https://www.dieselplace.com/forum/63-gm-diesel-engines/21-6-5l-diesel-engine/469676-arp-main-studs.html ARP doesn't offer single studs on their website, just kits, and the main...
  6. WarWagon

    Hayden 2886

    How rusty? Cracking and flinging a blade off the fan is a known thing for diesel engines. Sometimes a new good shape fan is better than risking a blade being flung off when you are working under the hood.
  7. WarWagon

    Hayden 2886

    I found both fan work well all out towing at speed. One difference on the 1993: The Dmax fan pulls more air at idle allowing higher AC fan settings during extended idle in a parking lot. Most don't consider how flexible the Dmax fan is and it's been suggested it can somewhat act as a flex fan...
  8. WarWagon

    Back from the brink...help me locate and build my next 6.5!

    Just saying: Brakes, Cooling System and by extension GMx turbo that keeps heat in the engine forcing it into the cooling system are NOT the places to be cheap or frugal on. The cooling system can take the entire engine out and the cost difference of the KD fan clutch is less than $100.00.
  9. WarWagon

    I’m done with bosch glowplugs

    Kindly explain how GM's warranty is better or would be better? Dealer install is a wildcard here as well. But IMO we are not going to the dealer for repairs in this discussion. As I recall "Old Bankrupt GM" AC Delco is 12 months 12,000 miles then F.U. I have attached the modern AC Delco...
  10. WarWagon

    Hayden 2886

    I posted in your other thread that this needs to be returned for the KD clutch. Now IMO it's because you got a "light duty" rather than a "heavy duty" fan clutch from the cooling fin difference. Maybe even a knock off part labeled to look like a Hayden. From gas engines that have 2 different...
  11. WarWagon

    Back from the brink...help me locate and build my next 6.5!

    Hayden 2886 Fan Clutch... Return it and get a Kennedy Diesel low temp fan clutch. Rumor: Everyone followed GM and raised the turn on temp of the fan due to noise complaints. KD is said to use the square body style temps or IMO his own set point. Fact: the aerodynamic airflow of this body style...
  12. WarWagon

    High side valve & plug for r134 charge port

    About GD time something like this came out!!! Let me see if Rockauto has em... a lot of em...
  13. WarWagon

    Bringing 1993 Patch back from the dead...

    April 1st I am notified my engine is ready to ship and is the warrantied engine ready to ship back? Yeah, the one that's scattered all over the garage at the moment... "Oh, F!!!" 🤦 Admittedly Teds got me damn good on the 1st: No, they don't want it back. Got here Friday at the dock and...
  14. WarWagon

    6.5 “pops” & blows black smoke intermittently

    To help future troubleshooting, and nothing more, consider this: Your new PMD will have a shorter than normal life from the cumulative damage of the single high temp experience. Never run a PMD without a heat sink, ever. Just saying when the problem returns don't be surprised that your "new" PMD...
  15. WarWagon

    Hi I am a New member and new to the 6.5 Turbo Town!

    So the Red China or made in USA PMD extension cable? Grounds, grounds, and did we say clean the grounds? Also test the batteries and a corroded positive cable will also wonk out the computer. So are positive cables in good shape?
  16. WarWagon

    You know who you are....

    The pics of the head, around the valves, are worth a second look.... ;)
  17. WarWagon

    Rock auto order problem

    Good number of us, myself included, have to be "Frugal" now and then. Yeah, one vehicle and it got to run. Used to be it had to run by 2AM to make the delivery route. AZ alternator because it blew one on the way to the AZ parking lot and ran 50 miles with no working alt while delivering parts...
  18. WarWagon


    Does it short on parking lights before turning on headlights? I have had dimmers short out. Not sure what switch you have.
  19. WarWagon

    Interesting intake situation at the junkyard

    Cut down on returns from not knowing how to align the metal fuel filter into the FFM...
  20. WarWagon

    Good turbo?

    What do want the 6.5 to do? Yeah, size matters. You have the GMx "Asthma Attack" turbo that will spool off the starter and then choke the engine over 2200RPM. Going big trades unloaded stoplight to stoplight performance off and allows the engine to pull hard past redline. Some stuff in in the...