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Search results

  1. MrMarty51

    Bad PMDs Anyone? I know, the horse is dead already!!!?

    It would be nice if there could be a kit so a person could just build their own, sort of like the DIY Autotune EFI control boxes. I soldered one of those together and it worked great. I think with all of the black goo gone that the PMD would cool much better and last a very long time, then, if a...
  2. MrMarty51

    Hayden 2886

    I`m keeping an eye on this thread. LOL
  3. MrMarty51

    The new guy

    Fine looking unit You have there TR.
  4. MrMarty51

    The new guy

    Welcome to thetruckstop TR. Post a couple of pics of Your truck , we always like pics.
  5. MrMarty51

    2008 GMC Envoy Denali

    Nice work.
  6. MrMarty51

    6.5 “pops” & blows black smoke intermittently

    Good to know You got it all figured out. If it were not for the PMDs burning out and causing problems with these engines, they would be very dependable and run a very long time without any work to do to them.
  7. MrMarty51

    Hi I am a New member and new to the 6.5 Turbo Town!

    I apologize for that, guess My mind went blank between seeing Your name and posting the post. LOL
  8. MrMarty51

    Hi I am a New member and new to the 6.5 Turbo Town!

    Get a vacuum gauge and hook it to the tube that comes from the pump to the boost solenoid, be sure the vacuum is within specs, then, if within specs, hook it to the waste gate actuator with a t and a long enough hose to get the gauge to a position where it can be looked at, take the truck for a...
  9. MrMarty51

    In need of connector kit and tools for Weatherpack. suggestions?

    Here is a wire crimping tool like the one in My collection. Works well for the crimping, I use a different devise fore setting the band around the wire, like a pair of regular old pliers. LOL...
  10. MrMarty51

    91 4L80E running hot and no reverse

    Temp gauge pegging within 10 miles possibly could be a bad thermostat or a plugged radiator.
  11. MrMarty51

    99 C3500 6.5- need help

    Yeah, Welcome to the forum 347.
  12. MrMarty51

    Nope not doing those gaskets.

    I had the injector lines off of Mine 6.5 and did not mess with resealing the valve covers, they were not leaking and thus far are still dry. I just hope and pray that they dont start seeping anytime soon. LOL Now it is something I think about from time to time, I do not like having unnecessary...
  13. MrMarty51


    Shade trees dont help much in that kind of a wind. Might be a good day to catchup on some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZs. LOL
  14. MrMarty51

    Hard hot start causes

    Try Your multimeter at the batt terminal on the back of the alternator, set it on A/C voltage. If it read voltage then the diodes is bad in the alternator.
  15. MrMarty51


    Usuall if I get multiplelights, usually not all on the same circuit, doing weird things, I look for a bad ground wire. Brought that to mind when You mentioned the four way flasher lights on dim and the security lamp coming on too.
  16. MrMarty51

    1991 Gmc 3500HD Cab n Chassis Dump

    Welcome to thetruckstop Nick.
  17. MrMarty51

    Lower ball joint replacement

    With the front of vehicle off ground, tire/wheel removed, turn steer wheel fully to one side, loose ball joint nut so there is a nice gap between the nut and the control arm, nut should be about flush with end of stud. with a fairly big hammer, Pound the piss out of the steer knuckle where the...
  18. MrMarty51

    Stoked Collection of Pot Fueled Rides

    And reading the title of this thread, I thought there`d be some pics of an old girlfriend I once lived with.
  19. MrMarty51

    Hi Guys

  20. MrMarty51

    Clutch Shudder when cold, how to inspect, are any I phone snake camera's worth it? 260K mile decision time

    Lube on clutch disk is the biggest contributor to cold clutch shudder. Dont know if the inspection cover can be removed, if so, have someone disengage clutch and spray brake parts cleaner onto clutch surfaces, turn engine a ways and repeat, generously flooding the mating surfaces rinsing off the...